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LRG Webcast Series: When to Consider Surgery

Most GIST patients will see a surgeon at some point during their treatment. This webcast will address the issues surrounding the decision to have an operation and considers that surgical options depend on a number of factors such as tumor location, tumor size, tumor number, response to drug therapy, and risk of recurrence.

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NIH Pediatric and Wildtype GIST Clinic Report: Surgical Management

A recent report from the National Institutes of Health Pediatric and Wildtype GIST Clinic, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that surgical resection for wildtype GIST should be restricted to the initial [...]

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Living with ostomy: One LRG member’s story

Charlie Burke has developed a thick skin when it comes to cancer. After surviving bouts with colorectal, thyroid and skin cancers, he was well acquainted with the routine of doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, surgeries and regular treatment that accompany disease by the time a GIST tumor was discovered in his colon. However, as any of our members will tell you, GIST comes with its own unique lexicon to master and set of challenges to overcome.

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Family planning with GIST can be a hard decision

Family planning can be one of the hardest decisions patients with GIST make, but for Carolina Ponce Williams the decision was easy. At high risk for progression, Carolina longed to start a family. So she decided to adopt.

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Lon Garber’s Excellent Adventure: facing Gollum, P.T. & Paul Simon with R2D2

Lon Garber It all began in Africa with a pain in my backside. My wife, Val, jokingly called it payback time since I’d been a pain in her backside for 37 years. The [...]

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Molecular therapy and surgery combined in GIST

For most cancers, the combined use of multiple different types of therapy is the most effective approach. Over the last several years, we have applied this philosophy to GIST. In this article, I will review our current understanding of multimodality therapy for both primary GIST and metastatic GIST. The gold standard of therapy for primary GIST is surgery.

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