Updated 8/18/2021
Originally posted 3/16/2020

Sharing Resources to Keep You Healthy During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

We acknowledge that these are extraordinarily stressful times for all of us. Please know that the Life Raft Group is here to support you as we work together to get through this. We will continue our daily services to you during this time. We will also be distributing through all our communication channels sources of information and messages of hope. We encourage you to utilize email communities to connect. Your fellow GISTers are inspirational sources to inspire and support you.

Connect with others!

If you are not a member of the Life Raft Group, please Join Our Community.  It’s free and provides you with access to great services such as newsletters, personal GIST management consultations, and much more.  You can then request to join our GIST Chat email community, where you will find a supportive family.

The Life Raft Group Facebook page is a great source of information about the LRG, and is a great place to see what is happening. This is a public page, and you can comment and share as you choose. The GIST Survivor Facebook page provides a private community, a chance to share personal GIST information, and to receive feedback. In addition, our website is a great place to find information about GIST and the resources necessary to survive and thrive.
Start with What is GIST? and GIST Education.

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For additional resources and posts on COVID-19, type coronavirus into the search bar.

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