The future of cancer treatment relies on patient enrollment in clinical trials. In a recent Chicago Tribune article, a patient story is highlighted to illustrate the important role clinical trials play in cancer treatment, not only in aiding research breakthroughs and higher survival rates, but also in providing patients a way to advocate for themselves and for others.

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Diane Altenburg’s story illustrates how advocacy can take different forms, and that her willingness to participate in a clinical trial resulted in her being disease free six years after participating in the study and also provided valuable information on the efficacy of an immunotherapy vaccine which may ultimately help others in their cancer battle.

Altenburg took her second cancer diagnosis in stride, stating that she doubted cancer ever really went away and that she never believed in the phrase “cancer-free.”

Before participating in this trial, Altenburg had volunteered for numerous medical trials. “I don’t wear pink, I don’t do the walks. This is my way of giving back,” she said, adding that she wanted to do something to help prevent her children and grandchildren from facing breast cancer one day.

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