Today, February 4, 2014, marks a pivotal day of awareness across the planet.

Cancer, a disease of many faces, has tortured and threatened the lives of millions of people all over the world. Its victims range from infants to the elderly and affects more than just those afflicted with the disease. Friends, family, and loved ones are all impacted by the resulting circumstances of cancer, a reality that has existed for countless years. However, throughout those years, scientists and advocates from across the globe have diligently worked to discover innovative treatments, more effective medications, and educational methods to increase the survival rate of those diagnosed with cancer.

Today, we at the Life Raft Group acknowledge these achievements by celebrating World Cancer Day.

To date, the number of cancer survivors in the United States is over 14 million and continues to rise with each passing year. This accomplishment has been due to organizations and institutions such as the Life Raft Group contributing to the improvement of scientific practices to treat all types of cancer. We expect even more innovations in 2014 to continue the goal to transition from discovering treatments to discovering cures.

This is your opportunity to celebrate these successes on World Cancer Day! Let us know how you will be celebrating on our Facebook page. You can also make a donation to the Life Raft Group for our We Are the Cure Campaign to help are GIST cancer research. Every contribution is important to our cause. Click here to make a donation.

Happy World Cancer Day.

LRG Team
Author: LRG Team