Representing Colorado, Susy Clough – “Having been through a different cancer ten years ago I know that its so important to be in contact with others who are going through the same emotions and feelings. I hope in some way I will be of help to others and to lend an ear. I feel its very important for anyone out there with a gist diagnosis to receive comfort from our group along with information and ideas about the gist journey.” Susy can be reached at

Also representing Colorado, Marge Morgan – Marge has been married to her husband Mike for 19 years, he is a 9 year gist survivor. She enjoys reading, traveling, history and spending time with her 2 grandkids. Marge enjoys working part time at a non-profit that works with at risk youth. Along with Susy Clough, she brings knowledge and compassion to others in Colorado facing life with GIST. Marge can be reached at

Representing Arizona, Ellen MacDonald – “As the new Arizona LRG Group Leader I look forward to meeting more members of our group and welcoming new members. I have heard that there are GIST patients who can’t afford their medication in Prescott where I live. I hope they will contact me so we can direct them to resources that may help them pay for their medication. By communicating with and meeting other Arizona GIST patients I hope to be able to help them with any issues they may be having.” Ellen can be reached at

Representing West Texas, Tatiana Avila-Isaias – Tatiana is a wonderful cheerleader and advocate for her husband who was diagnosed last year with GIST, she hopes to bring together a group in West Texas to share and support each other. "It's a privilege to be part of this amazing group. I want to help as much as possible."
Tatiana can be reached at

Representing West Michigan, Cliff Kopp – Cliff is volunteer and event chairperson with the local Special Olympics in Michigan as well as past president of a non-profit organization. Cliff is a terrific organizer and is very excited to bring together Western Michigan members for support. Cliff is also becoming very instrumental in the LRG’s efforts to promote The Rare 13 campaign. Cliff can be reached at
Representing Massachusetts, Charles Burke – Charles and his wife Suzy are retired and enjoying life in N. Dartmouth Massachusetts, Charles volunteered to become the LRG local group leader where he will bring a unique positive aspect to group meetings. Having survived three different cancers, ‘Charlie’ doesn’t let anything get him down! Charles can be reached at
Janeen Ryan
Author: Janeen Ryan