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Bill Roth – In Memoriam

Much of what made Bill a wonderful person cannot be articulated, it can only be felt. The subtle generous and supportive nuances of his character and quiet strength of his convictions comforted and compelled every person in his life. Without the tongue of Chaucer or the pen of Shakespeare, how do you explain what makes a man great?

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Lee Emerson – In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that another could not slay the dragon called GIST. Lee fought hard, he was calm and steady during the entire battle. He lived with the dragon since July of 2001. He was an athlete; lean and ready, with perseverance and endurance. He tried all the medicines plus radiation but could not hold it at bay.

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Robert David McCormick – In Memoriam

Robert David McCormick, 69, formerly of Jacksonville, FL, died at home in Marianna, FL on December 27. Mr. McCormick was a long-time resident of Marianna, FL, a deacon and member of First Baptist Church where he was active in the music program, having served as director for the handbell choir, was Interim Minister Music for two terms and supply organist for many years.

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Member Story – Meghan Marre

Mary Marre says her daughter Meghan was diagnosed with GIST in the fall of 2002, just a few weeks before her 21st birthday. All through high school Meghan was anemic; she was also plagued with stomach problems. Each time a doctor would say it was heavy periods, ulcers, heartburn and the like … this to a child who outwardly seemed so healthy.

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