Getting the “GIST” of gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Written by David Josephy

The Life Raft Group has been pioneering the development of GIST online resources since its inception. Life Raft Group Canada relies heavily on the internet to overcome the distance barrier in a country that stretches “from sea to sea to sea” (Atlantic to Pacific to Arctic).

Recently, Life Raft Group Canada hosted its first online learning experience. This interactive webcast was held on March 23, 2010, and it was very successful. Entitled Getting the “GIST” of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours, the event reached patients and caregivers across Canada with information about GIST and about Life Raft Group Canada and its upcoming initiatives.

We were very fortunate
canada webcastto have one of Canada’s leading experts in GIST as our key presenter. Dr. Shailendra Verma, Medical Oncologist at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, shared his expertise on GIST and its treatment, including the recent approval in Canada of Gleevec for adjuvant (post-surgical) treatment of GIST.

After the webcast, Dr. Verma addressed several questions from the live audience. In fact, we ran out of time before he could answer all of the questions that came in.

The presentation is archived here. On behalf of GIST Sarcoma Life Raft Group Canada, I’d like to thank Dr. Verma for sharing his time and expertise. We look forward to holding more webcasts in the future.


LRG Staff
Author: LRG Staff