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Distribution by State of U.S. GIST Patients in LRG Patient Registry

We have put together a map showing the distribution of GIST patients in the U.S. who are living with GIST in the LRG Patient Registry by state. The map shows how geographically diverse the Patient Registry is, with patients spread throughout the country.

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Join Our Tissue Bank – Help the LRG Find A Cure

Join our Tissue Bank - Help the LRG in the search for a cure. Wildtype GIST tissue is needed for a current LRG Research Team project. If you or a loved one are a wildtype GIST patient, please help the LRG Research Team in its search for the cure by donating your tissue.

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Why Should I Participate in the Patient Registry?

The Life Raft Group’s Patient Registry gives GIST patients an opportunity to contribute to finding a cure by sharing information on their medical status, treatments and side effects. This information is kept in a comprehensive [...]

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State of the GIST community: Life Raft Group’s patient registry demographics

As of December 31, 2010 the Life Raft Group’s Patient Registry has now accounted for 1,279 cases of GIST. The members of this registry have reported their clinical information to us as it pertains to their treatment of GIST. Of these 1,279 cases, we are here to report some key demographics that will help you understand who is a part of Life Raft Group GIST Community.

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