The sixth annual Partnering for Cures meeting sponsored by FasterCures was held November 16-18 in New York City. Over 1,000 attendees from biopharma, governmental agencies, academia, philanthropy and patient advocacy organizations came together to explore the latest research trends, find collaborative partners and problem solve with science and industry leaders.

Conversations Threads

The top 10 threads at the conference sessions included:
1. Patient reported data matters.
2. “Coopetition” is healthy. We need cooperation AND competition.
3. Passion and emotion are even more powerful when quantified.
4. The clinical trials system can be disrupted.
5. Culture & incentives in academia are starting to shift to better value translation and entrepreneurship.
6. Really complex issues, like brain disease, can be hacked.
7. Citizen science is powerful.
8. To get things done, we need multiple disciplines to come together.
9. 21st century cures are within our reach.
10. Unwavering and driven patients are improving and accelerating the search for cures.

The Life Raft Group team made some great connections. Check out the links below where you can read summaries of each session from Partnering for Cures as well as see videos of entire presentations. For more information about FasterCures go to

Partnering for Cures Media

Click here to view summaries of each session as well as videos for those of you who may wish to see entire presentations

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