Baby SimonPediatric GIST patient Jason DeLorenzo welcomes a baby boy! After a long and arduous labor that made the Marine Corps Marathon seem like a 5K, Jill and I are proud to introduce our firstborn son and first child of the DeLorenzo Family, Simon Joseph.

He was born at 6:58am on 3/24/13. 6 lbs. 11oz. 20 inches long. Simon is a wide-eyed, very attentive and curious baby. He unfortunately has a lot of his daddy’s features, like bushy eyebrows, pointy ears, and long fingers; but has his mom’s chin and nose. So far, what we know is he likes computer screens, and didn’t seem to like flash photography. He also likes taking his time after a 29 hour labor. But with a positive and motivated attitude that destroyed all negative stereotypes daddy had about women in childbirth, mother and Simon are doing great.