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Drug Repository Programs: A Creative Solution

Drug repository programs have the potential to be a key component in accessing life-saving treatments. In a landscape where prices for cancer drugs are escalating, many face a challenge in obtaining life-saving treatments. There are many resources for overcoming these obstacles, but it is clearly not enough for those already struggling with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

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Update on Potential Treatments for Imatinib-Resistant GIST

In a recent article entitled "Emerging Agents for the Treatment of Advanced, Imatinib-Resistant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: Current Status and Future Directions" published online in Springer for Research and Development,  LRG Research Team member Sebastian Bauer [...]

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Device Developed at MIT Helps Determine Targeted Drug Treatment

With precision medicine an accepted paradigm in cancer treatment, finding the right targeted drug treatment for each patient can prove challenging. MIT chemical engineers have designed an implantable device, which is about the size [...]

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