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It’s Time to Consider Mutational Status for Resistant GIST Patients: KIT exons 9 & 11

KIT exon 11 and exon 9 mutations represent the two most common types of mutations (wild-type GIST is technically not a type of mutation but a lack of mutations) found in GIST patients. About 60 to 65 percent of GIST patients have a KIT exon 11 mutation and about 10 to15 percent have a KIT exon 9 mutation.

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Treatment Strategies & Mutational Testing among Key Topics at CTOS 2008

Treatment strategies & mutational testing were among key topics at CTOS 2008. There were also other  presentations and posters regarding GIST were presented at the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) meeting on November 13 to [...]

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KIT and PDGFRA Mutations in GIST: A to Z

This is part one of a two-part series on “KIT and PDGFRA kinase mutations in GIST: from A to Z”. In this newsletter, Dr. Heinrich will provide a background on the role of kinase mutations in GIST, focusing largely on the biological and clinical implications of these mutations. In part two (which will be featured in the July 2007 edition of the newsletter, following the special “Five-year anniversary” edition),

Looking for Kinase Mutations in GISTs

This is the second of a two-part series on KIT and PDGFRA mutations in GISTs, written collaboratively by Drs. Michael Heinrich and Christopher Corless, LRG research team members. Please refer to the May issue of our newsletter for the first part titled, “KIT & PDGFRA mutations in GIST: A to Z” by Dr. Heinrich.

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Mutational testing predicts GIST treatment response

The ability of mutational analysis to predict the response of GIST tumors to Gleevec has been known since Dr. Charles Blanke’s GIST presentation at the plenary session of the 2001 American Society of Clinical Oncology [...]

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