GIST Hope hashtagFor GIST Awareness Day, to celebrate our theme of #GISTHope, we’re asking you to spread the word about GIST on social media and out in the world.
We’re painting rocks with #GISTHope on them and posting everywhere we can and making signs too. What will you create? Whatever you choose, post with the hashtag #GISTHope and please, send us photos of your creations in progress and as you share them. You can send photos to Mary Garland, Director of Communications,

Supply List

You can use any acrylic or latex paints that you have around the house or you can buy inexpensive supplies online at Michaels or Walmart. Some suggested brands are: Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Americana, or Delta Ceramacoat (these vary in price). Any inexpensive acrylic paint will do.

  • #GISTHope rocksRocks – get creative and make it adventure to find some great rocks. Also available at craft stores or garden supply stores.
  • A white colored pencil or a china marker for drawing letters
  • A palette – a white styrofoam or plastic/paper plate
  • Small brushes for painting
  • Paints: Orange, Neon Blue or Bright Blue, Light Gray (or a little black & white to make grey)*
  • Mod Podge Gloss or Americana Dura Clear Satin Varnish

*Colors and materials are suggestions only. Please use what’s on-hand or be as creative as you like with fonts and colors!


  1. #GISTHope rocksMake sure rocks are clean and completely dry before drawing
  2. Draw on letters lightly with colored pencil. Perfection is not the goal; communication is.
  3. Shake paint well and squeeze a small amount onto palette. Fill in letters with the appropriate colors allowing first coat to dry before painting a second layer (if needed)
  4. Allow paint to dry for a few hours before applying varnish layer. Cover letters well and let dry before moving.
  5. Pick an appropriate location to photograph your creation (feel free to photography you and your friends!)
  6. Post with hashtag #GISTHope on July 13th/
  7. Find a home for your #GISTHope rock where others will see it and ask “What is GIST?”

You can also make #GISTHope poster/signs to carry with you if you go on a Virtual GIST DO IT Walk. Check out all of our Virtual Life Fest Events happening July 10-13th.

#GISTHope painted on a rock

Also, for the SDH Community: As part of our Virtual Life Fest, we are hosting a Q&A with SDH Experts on Monday, July 13th.

Register for this session with the Virtual Life Fest link. See agenda for Life Fest through this link.

register for virtual life fest


Carol Tordella
Author: Carol Tordella