An Important Letter to Our Members

A Partnership for Survival

Everyone at the Life Raft Group hopes that you and your loved ones are home safe and healthy. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has affected everyone across the globe in so many ways. However, in times like these, we cannot forget to continue to support each other as our mission to help enhance the survival and quality of life for GIST patients intensifies. The needs of GIST patients do not stop and neither does the work of LRG’s staff, board members, GIST Mentors and other volunteers towards this mission.

In the past few weeks, in addition to our daily support for our patient and caregiver community, we have been providing timely information through our communication channels, reaching out to experts such as Dr. Michael Heinrich, Dr. Jonathan Trent and Dr. Breelyn Wilky. We are making calls to members and are answering questions on GIST Chat and our social media pages. Questions such as “Should I keep my appointment for a scan?” or “Should I go in person to a follow-up appointment?” are important ones for our community,

We have also helped patients connect with experts via telemedicine and have found solutions for them for issues with clinical trials. During this time, we will continue to be your trusted partner for survival. We are in this Life Raft together, now and when this current crisis is but a memory.

We are asking you at this critical time to partner with us, so that all our regular services and the additional services necessary to help GIST patients during this crisis can continue seamlessly.

Please consider donating to the Life Raft Group today.