In Honor of National Doctors’ Day

National Doctors Day

Lost in the relentless coverage of the COVD-19 pandemic are the many cancer patients trying to survive and needing to access quality medical care. Their fear of contracting this new virus adds to the daily stress of treatments and checkups and the need for reliable information.

Fortunately, crises sometimes bring out the best in people. The COVD-19 pandemic is no exception.

In medical center after medical center, the doctors taking care of our GIST patients have stepped up to the plate helping guide The Life Raft Group’s GIST cancer patients and their caregivers through each day’s new roadblock. They have offered telemedicine and virtual tumor consults, not only to their own patients, but to others we have referred to them for help. They are our warriors every day but especially now in light of this pandemic.

So, hats off from the GIST community to our doctors on National Doctors’ Day and all year long. You have exceeded the scripture found in the Talmud that states “He who saves one life is as if he has saved the entire world.”

And our world is forever grateful.

– Norman J. Scherzer, Executive Director, The Life Raft Group

Norman Scherzer
Author: Norman Scherzer