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Deciphera Pharmaceuticals has released positive results from their INVICTUS Phase 3 Clinical Study of Ripretinib in patients with GIST. They have also updated results from the Phase 1 Study.

Deciphera shared that “patients treated with ripretinib (DCC-2618) had a median PFS of 6.3 months (or 27.6 weeks), versus placebo of 1 month (or 4.1 weeks).  The Hazard Ratio was 0.15, and the  p value was .0001. This means that patients taking ripretinib had a 85% reduction in the risk of death or having their disease worsen. Additionally, ripretinib was generally well tolerated and the adverse event results in INVICTUS were consistent with data from previously presented.” Read more…

Updated results from the Phase 1 Study are supportive of the Phase 3 INTRIGUE Study. Read more…

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