David Epstein, LRG HR ConsultantDavid Epstein, LRG Pro Bono HR Consultant, Honored as a Leader

The Life Raft Group is fortunate to have many volunteers who provide vital services to our organization pro bono. Not only are these volunteers generous with their time and talents, but they are also often leaders in their respective fields. We are grateful for their support.

David Epstein, our Human Resources Consultant, was honored recently at the 2019 National Healthcare Diversity Conference as one of the Top 3 Diversity Leaders.

Criteria for the award included the following:

  • Creates or spearheads innovative diversity initiatives that establish and foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment.
  • Sustains a record of accomplishments or contributions to the healthcare industry throughout the scope of his or her career.
  • Demonstrates active involvement in community outreach programs.
  • Retains a commendable reputation with colleagues, superiors or patients.
  • Exhibits and demonstrates a commitment to the highest ethical standards and professional excellence.
  • Demonstrates a consistent pattern of commitment to the recruitment, training, development and retention of individuals from all populations.
  • Operates with the highest integrity and ethical behavior.

Who is David Epstein?

David is the Director of Domestic Human Relations for the U.S. office of Doctors Without Borders/MSF-USA, an international humanitarian medical organization that works in over 70 countries. He is a member of the management team working on strategic human resources issues ranging from diversity and talent management to expatriate benefits and wellness initiatives, serving as the U.S. subject matter expert.

He contributes frequently to Forbes.com and presents on topics ranging from diversity and human resources to international employment. David was recently awarded the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for his speech at the Women in Leadership Symposium.

He is a Flotilla Staff Officer for Diversity in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Department of Homeland Security, a member of the SHRM Global Expertise Panel, and a Board Member of the Tri-State Diversity Council.

Prior to joining MSF-USA, David was Director of Human Resources at the New York Foundling Hospital Center for Pediatric, Medical and Rehabilitative Care where he received the NYAHSA Professional of the Year award for his contributions to pediatric long-term care.

David is a graduate of Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and is a member of the Board of Advisors and Faculty of National Paralegal College, and is a Kellogg Executive Scholar. He has over 20 years of Human Resources experience and holds master’s and post-master’s degrees in management and international employment law. He is a Certified Diversity Professional and a Senior Certified HR Professional. He received the Tri-State Diversity Council’s “Most Engaged Leader: and “Company of the Year Award” in 2018.

David has been an integral part of crafting LRG HR policies and procedures.

Executive Director, Norman J. Scherzer, is David’s proud uncle.

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Mary Garland
Author: Mary Garland