15 Years, 15 wishes

As we celebrate our 15th year as a non-profit, we at the Life Raft Group would like to share 15 wishes we have for the New Year. Won’t you help us make them come true by donating today? Please share this post with at least 15 friends, and encourage them to share with another 15.

1. Double the number of registrants in SideEQ, our online side effects management tool.  Our friends at the NationalLeioMyoSarcoma Foundation are finding it a helpful tool.

2. Develop a unified plan to support the Pediatric and SDH-Deficient GIST Community with more programs and research. Help us to continue the work started at NIH Pediatric GIST and Wildtype Clinic with new, innovative solutions.

3. Enroll 1,000 patients in Latin America for the LatAM surveillance program, Salud con Datos. Help us expand real-world data collection globally with the support of Alianza GIST, GIST Chile, Fundacion GIST Mexico.

4. Advocate for access for all GIST patients to a GIST specialist.

5. To see plasma level testing for Gleevec and other GIST drugs become more widely available.

6. To see mutational testing become a standard of care.

7. To expand tissue bank donations to aid in research.

8. To increase our Night to Fight Cancer donations from $200K to $250K.

9. Increase the number of those registered in our Patient Registry.

10. To continue to support research initiatives that will lead to effective approved targeted treatments for GIST.

11. Have a successful Life Fest 2018 that is well attended and provides support and education to patients and caregivers.

12. To see new clinical trials for GIST drugs continue to be open, with a wide geographic distribution.

13. Increase the number of LRG patient representatives around the world. Willing to become one? Contact Laura Occhiuzzi at locchiuzzi@liferaftgroup.org.

14. Expand our Project Surveillance system, providing robust real-world evidence to patients, caregivers and physicians in a timely manner that will potentially save lives.

15. And finally, the greatest wish of all – to Cure GIST!

 Won’t you help us make these wishes reality by donating now?

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Mary Garland
Author: Mary Garland