The Life Raft Group 2014 Annual Report is now available online. Our Annual Report is a way for us to share accountability with our members and supporters.

2014 was an exciting year for us. Challenged by cuts in funding for in-person clinics, we developed our Virtual Tumor Board technology for the review of GIST cases.

Our GIST Awareness Day Campaign that started with the symbol of a tiny boat expanded into 130,000 brightly colored origami boats that were folded by members and friends from Iowa to India.

Your Support is Vital to our Efforts

We continued to provide innovative services such as our unique Patient Registry, our GIST Collaborative Tissue Bank, the work of our Research Team, and our GIST Days of Learning.

Your generosity through our fundraising events such as Night to Fight Cancer helped us to continue the fight to find a cure for GIST.

We thank all of you for supporting the Life Raft Group with your generosity through your donations and the sharing of your time and talents.

LRG Staff
Author: LRG Staff