Above Left to Right: Piga Fernandez, Health Minister Carmen Castillo Taucher, President Michelle Bachelet

We reported previously on the advocacy work being in Chile to benefit patients who need high cost treatments for seriously ill patients, including those with GIST.

Our own LRG Global Consultant and the President of Fundacion GIST Chile, Piga Fernandez, has been an active part of a campaign called “Los Enfermos Tambien Marchan (Patients March) by patient organizations in Chile to advocate for the passage of the Ricarte Soto law.

Piga arriving to “La Moneda”

Arriving to “La Moneda”

Piga has been part of these advocacy efforts over the past six months. This past week, she had the honor of being invited once again to “La Moneda,” the equivalent of the White House in Chile, to witness the historic signing of the Ricarte Soto Law by Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet.

Advocacy Continues

Bravo to all the patients and organizations in Chile who have been advocating and will continue to do so to make sure that seriously ill patients including those with GIST will have access to life-saving treatments.

Pesident Bachelet with patient organization leaders

President Bachelet with patient organization leaders

Sign of the “Ricarte Soto Law”

Signing of the “Ricarte Soto Law”