Saladax Biomedical, a CLIA certified laboratory based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is now providing plasma level testing for imatinib.(Gleevec). Testing is currently free of charge through January 31, 2015, as it is not covered by insurance. In the future, co-pays and deductibles may apply.The plasma level testing needs to be ordered by your physician, and the blood needs to be centrifuged, iced and shipped within a certain time frame.The tests are measured at trough levels, so they need to be taken within the following time frame:

Imatinib Dosage Schedule- Once a day – Time Frame for test (after taking your last dose): 21-24 hours.

Imatinib Dosage Schedule- Twice a day – Time frame for test (after taking your last dose): 7-12 hours.

Questions About Plasma Level TestingIf you or your physician has any questions, or if you wish to obtain the forms and kit necessary to perform the plasma level test, please call Saladex directly at (855) 419-6731 or email them at: For more information on the test, please go to