GIST31Wishes…What Does that Mean?

Every day, whether consciously or not, we make a wish for the future. Something we hope happens, something we hope doesn’t, something we really want. We at LRG HQ are no exception and we got to thinking that we could turn some of these hopes and goals into something positive and uplifting. Hence, the GIST31Wishes campaign was born.

During the month of December, we will highlight one GIST wish each day of the month. We’ve named this campaign #GIST31wishes because darn it, we GISTers love GIST word play. 😉

snowflakeEach day, we will post the wishes you have sent our way on social media, with the hope that they will inspire others, bring awareness to GIST and the Life Raft Group, and bring us closer together as a community.

Each week, we will summarize here on our website the awesome wishes you hoping for this year.

Please send in your GIST wishes (they can be one sentence, one paragraph-you decide!) to and we will post it on our LRG social media sites and/or website. And if you’re on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc be sure to follow our pages and share our posts so we can spread the #GIST31wishes hashtag and most importantly, awareness.

We are so excited to read everyone’s wishes and work together towards a better future.

Here are the GIST31Wishes you have shared with us this week:

Day 1: “I GIST wish #loveandjoy to all Life Rafters this holiday season. #GIST remember…if you’re still breathing you can always do something unexpectedly kind for someone else.” – Dina Wiley, LRG So-Cal Group Leader

Day 2: My wish is that everyone with GIST give themselves the gift of seeking treatment from one of the major centers that has a specialist that deals with GIST daily. We have a rare cancer, even more reason to see a specialist.” – Dana Pearson, LRG Member Click here for our GIST specialist database:

Day 3: “I wish peace in the world.” – Linda Adajar

Day 4: “I GIST wish they could find a #cure for all GISTS.” – Lynn Levien Help our research team:

Day 5: “My wish is for our leaders in Washington to put aside their differences and work together to increase funding for cancer research, which has decreased considerably in the last few years. Regardless of our poloitics, one thing we can all agree on is that we need a cure, and we need it sooner rather than later.” – Pete Knox, LRG Strategic Planning Director

Day 6: “I hope that every GIST patient in Chile received the treatment that he or she needs to keep on living.” – Piga Fernandez, LRG Global Coordinator and #Alianza GIST representative for Chile

Day 7: “I have three wishes. I wish for health, peace, comfort and support for every person afflicted with this rare disease. I wish that I could hug every single person who needs comfort, and last but certainly not least, I wish everyone to be filled with LOVE! and, to find joy in at least some small measure every single day.” – Janeen Ryan, LRG Patient Registry Consultant and long-time GIST caregiver

Day 8: “Working with GIST patients/caregivers has been such a rewarding experience and honor. Each person brings so much to the Life Raft Group and their strength is truly inspiring. My one true GIST wish is for everyone to keep fighting and to keep their hopes up! Each day we are one step closer to finding a cure!” – Kathrena Aljallad, LRG Patient Registry Associate

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Mary Garland
Author: Mary Garland