The Bergen Record photo of Helena Mattioli adding an origami boat display at Life Fest 2014Origami Boats from Life Fest 2014The Bergen Record recently featured photographs of the LRG’s Life Fest Convention. Over 100,000 origami boats were made from around the globe to bring awareness to a rare form of intestinal cancer called gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), and were displayed at this year’s Life Fest, The Life Raft Group’s biennial convention that was held on November 7-9 in Teaneck, New Jersey. Patients, caregivers, research and medical professionals, and LRG members all came together to share experiences, knowledge, and messages of hope for those affected by this rare cancer.

The Bergen Record Captures Life Fest 2014

The weekend featured a gala and an awards ceremony, which honored individuals, and organizations that have contributed to furthering the LRG’s mission to find a cure for GIST, and to ensure that no one has to face GIST alone.

Educational sessions were intermingled with holistic workshops that contributed to the enjoyment of the attendees.

About The Life Raft Group

The Life Raft Group focuses on three key areas: research, patient support & education, and advocacy, which lay the foundation of our mission to ensure the survival of GIST patients through a comprehensive approach connecting individual patients’ needs, the worldwide community of GIST advocates and the global health and research environment. Through the unique campaigns like the Rare 13, GIST Awareness Day origami challenge and the annual poker tournaments, LRG helps to continually bring their mission to life and to share hope – by the boatloads.

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Articles such as this one can be helpful in raising awareness about GIST. It is vital that information about rare diseases are brought to the attention of the public, and very often local publications are interested in telling the story if there is a local focus. The Bergen Record has helped to disseminate information about the LRG in North Jersey, but the LRG would love to have stories like this one in local publications around the globe. If you would like help reaching out to local publications in your area, please contact our Communications Director, Mary Garland:

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