The GIST Awareness Day Virtual Quilt Video was displayed at this years’s Life Fest. GIST Awareness Day gave us the opportunity to recognize those impacted with GIST, sarcoma, or any type of cancer to stand together in support and solidarity and raise awareness about GIST (Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs).

About GIST Awareness Day

Last summer the LRG launched its successful Rare 13 campaign to highlight the many faces of GIST and draw attention to the fact that 13 people are diagnosed with GIST every day. The overarching objectives of both the Rare 13 campaign and GIST Awareness Day are to bring enough attention to the disease that having heard of GIST won’t be considered “rare” either. Even with all these efforts, there is still a huge lack of education that exists and more work that needs to be done.

GIST Awareness Day is not only an extension of our Rare 13 campaign, but it also helps raise awareness of sarcomas, of which GIST is the most common type.

GIST Awareness Day Virtual Quilt Shows Success

We are overwhelmed and honored by the worldwide efforts rput in to make GIST Awareness Day a success. Read our exclusive GIST Awareness Day edition of the Life Raft Group newsletter for full coverage of this amazing day! You can view the GIST Awareness Day Virtual Quilt Video below which captures this global collaboration.