Dr. Chris Corless, LRG Research Team member, took part in a clinical trial with the ACOSOG (American College of Surgeons Oncology Group). The randomized clinical trial showed that 1 year of adjuvant imatinib prolonged recurrence-free survival (RFS) after resection of primary GI stromal tumor (GIST).

Dr. Chris Corless

Dr. Chris Corless

The randomized trial featured 645 patients, with 328 assigned to the placebo arm and 317 to the imatinib arm.  As a result there were 645 tumor specimens available for further analysis.

Tumor size, location, and mitotic rate are factors associated with the natural history of GIST. Patients with KIT exon 11 deletions assigned to 1 year of adjuvant imatinib had a longer RFS.

For full trial results visit the NCBI report.

LRG Team
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