Over the past seven years, thanks to the dedication and support of the GIST community, the LRG Research Team has challenged the traditional cancer research norms and set new standards for how research can be done. This is an exciting time for GIST research as our researchers have reached milestones, identifying many new treatment options in the last few years alone.

Unfortunately, this pioneering research is in serious danger of grinding to a halt if new funds are not procured. Since institutions like the National Cancer Institute are funding just 4-5% of all research proposals, rare diseases like GIST are lost amongst the roughly 200 cancers competing for funding.
The Life Raft Group is the largest single contributor to GIST research in the world. We can’t stop now. We have the cure in our sights. We are not slowing down. The stark truth is this—if we are not invested in the cure for GIST, who will be?
Click the following link to learn more about the campaign:http://liferaftgroup.donorpages.com/GISTWearetheCure/
From there you can help us invest in the cure by creating a team and asking your friends & family to pitch in. They can even set up their own pages and help raise money for your team. If you would prefer to make a one-time donation, you can also do that.

Watch WE are the CURE – GIST is the Paradigm:

LRG Team
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