New LRG Logo

After ten years as an established non-profit, the Life Raft Group identified a critical need in its public image. While the LRG began as a small group of patients and caregivers offering support and guidance to each other while facing the early Gleevec trials, the LRG has now grown into a multi-million dollar international organization, heavily involved in advocacy work and changing the face of GIST research. While we remain true to our support & education roots, the LRG required branding to reflect our current stature and credibility in the medical field.

For the past several months, the team has been working with graphic designers and industry professionals to create a new logo and brand that would exemplify all of the LRG’s core values: Patient Support & Education, Advocacy and Research.

The objective we had before us was to keep that sense of hope when viewing the logo. We were also obliged to keep the oar, which some Public Relations professionals believed represented the Life Raft Group’s commitment to action in the original logo. The result of this process is a polished, professional new design that appeals to all of the LRG’s audiences.

We have submitted this logo to an Intellectual Property firm (pro bono) to begin the trademark process. In the coming weeks we will slowly be introducing this new logo to the public and creating detailed branding guidelines for its use.

Erin Kristoff
Author: Erin Kristoff