Life Raft Group, Canada has just issued Vol. 3, Issue 2, of its Newsletter. This issue is 8 pages in length, and features several interesting articles. The Newsletter explains what we have learned about the roll-out of the generic versions of imatinib (gleevec) across Canada, which is happening right now.

Lynn Burrows, Vice-President of LRG Canada, who is a professional psychologist living with GIST, has written an article about “Caring for the Caregiver”, looking at the emotional and personal needs of the folks who are supporting GIST patients: “someone who is by your side at your doctor appointments, cries when you cry, makes you comfortable while you’re in the hospital, and waits on you hand and foot while you’re recovering at home.”

“Kendra’s Story” is the personal account of a recently-diagnosed GISTer from Lethbridge, Alberta. Like a lot of GIST patients, she was initially mis-diagnosed as having a bacterial infection: “They put me on antibiotics and … I was released four days later.” It wasn’t until a biopsy was performed that the correct diagnosis was made.

The Newsletter also announces that this year’s Life Raft Group, Canada, GIST Day of Learning will take place on Saturday October 19, 2013 in Toronto.

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LRG Staff
Author: LRG Staff