Piga Fernández Kaempffer, GIST patient, pictured on right

Piga Fernández Kaempffer, pictured on right

LRG Global Relations Coordinator Piga Fernández Kaempffer, a GIST patient, gave a conference about her own disease, drawing the attention of professionals, who carefully listened as she shared with them from her perspective the evolution of this pathology.

Her case involved a difficult diagnosis that normally is detected after the patient has had a metastases and has difficult access to its treatment.

She took her time to explain to the doctors and medical interns that in the eventual presence of a Gastrointestinal tumor, and in front of  doubts, specific tests should be made to confirm or rule out a Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor, ensuring that the early diagnosis can stop its growth.




Joel Salazar again in the streets of Chile for GIST patients

Joel Salazar











Joel Salazar of Chile participated in a massive march in Concepción to create awareness about the high cost of cancer treatment.