GIST Day of Learning Chicago was a huge success. The following quote from Janeen Ryan sums up the event quite nicely:

Our first Chicago Gist Day of Learning was a HUGE Success! Over 50 Gisters and their families gathered for a great day of learning, and sharing experiences. It was wonderful to get to meet so many new people and reconnect with old friends! Our sessions on “Surgical options”, “The role of the oncologist”, “Trials explained”, and my favorite, “Pathology”, were followed by a wonderful expert panel Q&A session with many questions asked and answered. Everyone had an opportunity to visit and share with each other at the superb lunch and during breaks. Many thanks to Northwestern University, and, to Dr. Benson, Dr. Laskin, Dr. Wayne, Dr. Agulnik and Jim Hughes for such wonderful presentations! A special thank you to Megan Cahill from Northwestern whose assistance and company during the day was so greatly appreciated. To our volunteers, Margie Hughes, Tony Reynes for photographing our gathering, and especially to Shellie Neveles, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Check out some of the photos from GIST Day of Learning Chicago below:

GIST day of Learning1 GIST day of Learning2 GIST day of Learning3 GIST day of Learning5

Here are more pictures in our photo gallery:

Janeen Ryan
Author: Janeen Ryan