The New York Times published an article this week that continues the debate over how soon personalized medicine will become available and how cost effective it will be. It noted major investments by cancer centers in genetic research.

The issue of personalized medicine, also referred to as “precision medicine” in the article, was addressed in a newsletter article by LRG Executive Director Norman Scherzer in February. We hope to follow up with more articles on the topic soon.

Norman had this to say about personalized medicine in an earlier article:personalized-medicine

“We have the mutational testing tools to categorize many different subtypes of GIST. We have a growing body of evidence to optimize treatment based upon knowing such subtypes. Despite this, few GIST patients in the United States receive mutational testing. The LRG is determined to make personalized treatment for GIST a reality.”

For Norm’s full article, click here.

For the New York Times article, click here.

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