Jonathan Fletcher and Sebastian Bauer of the LRG’s Research Team were among the authors in a study to be published in Cancer Research that examined the relationship between GIST and the expression of the gene DOG1.

Sebastian Bauer had the following to say about the DOG1 study:

“DOG1 is a marker everyone uses and no one has yet investigated its role for GIST growth or survival. We have shown that some GIST may depend partly on DOG1 and that this effect most likely involves the tumor environment. This has not been subject of any research to date.
If we are able to identify potent and specific inhibitors we may very well enhance the therapeutic response of KIT-inhibitors and get closer to our ultimate goal of curing GIST. This advance would not have been possible without the support from the Life Raft Group. Thanks to all who made this research possible.”

To access an abstract of the article, please click here.

By better understanding the role DOG1 plays in GIST, the hope is that it can be utilized as a target for future therapies. We will keep you updated of any further research in this area.