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Top Ten Valentines Day Romance Tips


Janeen with her husband, Larry.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, a day to show that special someone how much they mean to you. This may in the past have been a day to have a fancy dinner out, breakfast in bed, get—or give—flowers or celebrate in some other special way. Showing our continued love and adoration for our loved one is no small task when the “new normal” has changed how things used to be enjoyed. Below are some ideas of how to keep that celebration alive and growing, especially now, when sometimes the love you share is the strongest most enduring thing you can count on.


1. Flowers – If you gave them in the past, give them again! There’s something about that bright bouquet that freshens a room. If allergies are an issue, you might want to choose a wild flower bouquet instead of roses this time; wild flowers have little to no scent and are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. If you GOT flowers in the past but your loved one can’t get them for you, get them yourself! There’s no reason you can’t order some to be delivered and tell your loved one, “Thank you, they’re lovely!”

2. Dinner – If going out is no longer possible, have dinner come to you! On a special day last year, I called our favorite restaurant and told them what I was trying to accomplish. They put together a wonderful dinner and all I had to do was pick it up. Set the table with candles and transfer the meal to your own serving dishes. Romance in is the sharing of the food, not where it’s shared.

top-ten-valentines-day-romance-strawberries3. A Poem – Write a poem expressing your love – My husband still has the poems I wrote him 15 years ago. Over the years he’s added to them with each anniversary and birthday. A Valentine’s poem, even just something short and sweet is a treasure to keep forever. Fold it into a cute coffee mug, tie a bunch of balloons to it and make it a “Poem Bouquet”. This idea combines well with the cookie bouquet.

4. Gifts – Gifts, candy or chocolate may or may not be a good idea, each Valentine will be different. However, there are many treats that are both thoughtful and tasty. Cookie bouquets are a unique way to send a treat, chocolate covered strawberries can also be a delicious substitute for the ordinary assorted chocolates (sugar, fat, nuts) that may no longer be tolerated.


5. Massage – There’s nothing more romantic than a massage for two! Call your local spa and see if they have a couple’s package. The gift of relaxation can be a soothing alternative to dinner and a movie. For many GISTers, you can have the dinner, but not the movie. Hold on, I said there’s nothing more romantic than a massage for two… I was wrong. There is one thing more romantic – give the massage yourself . Who knows, you may just get diamonds instead of chocolates next year!

6. Spend time Together – Share your thoughts and feelings, Read love poems, watch a favorite movie holding hands. The time spent touching is reassuring as well as comforting.

7. Cancer is not invited! – We started a tradition a few years ago when going out was still an option. On our date nights, we noticed that our conversations kept returning to the “C Word” no matter what. So if you can still go out together, stop at the door before you leave and proclaim “We’re going to have a good time and cancer is not invited,” then enjoy your evening talking about anything but…..

8. Call for the date – Just like old times. Call him or her and ask them out, it’s just a sweet touch to return to the days of dating.


9. Notes – Leave love notes all around the house for your Valentine to find, leave a few with a special something, a chocolate kiss or a single rose, maybe write a note on each as a clue on where to find the next “surprise”. Only don’t hide anything in the oven, you can end up with burned chocolate by accident!

10. I Love You – Say “I love you” often, hearing the words of love is music to our ears. Learning to say it in a few languages is a nice romantic touch.


Whatever you decide to do to celebrate, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Janeen Ryan
Author: Janeen Ryan