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GIST Member Story – Carolina Williams

When she was diagnosed in January 2006, Carolina couldn’t believe that her “benign tumor” was in fact, cancer. “I was in denial honestly. I think it took me about a month when it started hitting me. My mom was doing all the research for me. I didn’t realize what it was. When I came to my appointment with my oncologist and saw people doing chemo it first hit me. I was like, ‘Okay, oh my God.’”

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GIST Member Story – Katharine Kimball

My journey with GIST is a long haul that has taken me from Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra, Australia to San Antonio, Texas. It is a journey that began in October 2002 when I found a rather large mass in my abdomen and was concerned enough that I phoned my GP for an appointment. When she felt the mass, she immediately made an appointment for a CT scan. I had the scan done within an hour and then returned to my GP’s office. After consulting with her partner, she informed me that they thought I had a lymphoma.

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