Meet Betty Rosenbluth, an extremely self sufficient, independent Mother, Grandmother (Nan), Great Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Sister-in- Law and friend to all.

Betty was a very active senior citizen. She spent her time with her family, friends, and church. She was a 47 year retiree from Danskin, post-retiree parttimer at Kohl’s Department Store and an active member of several church and senior citizen social groups.

Betty was first diagnosed with GIST in 1993.After 4 years of utilizing surgical options to beat back the “dragon,” she found her way to Dana-Farber and became a participant in the STI-571 trial in November 2000.

When Gleevec ceased to be effective she moved on to Sutent and finally to AMN107. Due to unstoppable progression resulting in yet another surgery with an extended hospital stay, in June she decided to cease treatment. With her in the lead, our family banded together to bring her home where she rested comfortably until she passed.

Our experiences at Dana-Farber allowed her to meet her last three Great- Grandchildren, other GIST survivors, as well as professionals that have dedicated their lives to fighting GIST.

We had the opportunity to learn about GIST and experience the launch of the Life Raft Group. She and I attended the Life Fest in Boston as well as the local events in Lancaster. I monitored the list and offered what I could.

Every day was a “good” day for Mother; some were just better then others. Even the less “good” days she always met with a smile. Betty was truly thankful for every day and tried to make the very most of all of them.

As her primary caregiver, I could not have asked for a better patient. She was my mother who set an example of how to make the best out of a life fraught with challenge. She made me a better person. Although I wish her and I could have experienced the relationship that we grew into through this battle without GIST, I know that would not have been possible. Thanks Mom….

LRG Team
Author: LRG Team