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The LRG GIST Peer Support Program

[Please note that GIST Peer Support program has been renamed the GIST Mentor Program 11.5.19]. Last month, we posted information on our new program to support our members. The GIST Peer Program is an additional support system to help patients and their caregivers through a very difficult time in their lives. Why? They may just be finding out they or a loved one has GIST, or they are experiencing a recurrence and they want to be able to talk with someone.

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Patient of the Month: Santy DiSabatino

Our Patient of the Month for July is Santy DiSabatino. Here is his story: "I remember the first time I heard the word GIST.  I was in the recovery room after having a colonoscopy and endoscopy done due to what was perceived as a stomach issue (not truly related to the GIST) and due for a ten-year colonoscopy.

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