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Potential Treatment for Imatinib-Resistant GIST Explored

Dr. Ron DeMatteo GIST specialist surgeon Dr. Ron DeMatteo, along with colleagues at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), has published a new paper in the April issue of Cancer Research with potentially [...]

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Life Fest 2014: What’s New in the Science of GIST?

In addition to spending time catching up with fellow patients and caregivers and attending the myriad of useful workshops featured at Life Fest 2014, participants were treated to an update of what is new in [...]

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Virtual roundtable about GIST with Jerry Call

Jerry Call, Science Director On Wednesday, September 17, the Life Raft Group hosted “Virtual Roundtable with Jerry Call,” the second session in its Virtual Roundtable series. The live Q&A with the LRG [...]

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LRG closes out 2012 in the spotlight: advocacy, support & research highlighted

The Life Raft Group is dedicated to the welfare and survival of GIST patients worldwide and we carry out our mission through research, patient support & education and advocacy. The LRG was highlighted in all three areas at the end of 2012 and we wanted to share the important work we’re doing with all of you.

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Is There a Role for Drug Level Testing?

Clinical trials have given us a lot of information about dosing Gleevec. Unfortunately, however, doctors and researchers do not always reach the same conclusions about what the data is telling them. Measuring Gleevec drug levels in patients may provide a measure of reassurance to patients and doctors that they are on the right course with regards to dosing.

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