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LRG Featured in the MyPART Minute

The LRG was featured in the MyPART Minute April edition, in the Advocacy Spotlight section, which detailed our mission, core values, and the story of our collaboration with the National Institutes of Health to create the annual NIH Pediatric and Wildtype GIST Clinic.

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Innovative Approach in GIST Research in the Era of Precision Medicine

Columbia University Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian and the Life Raft Group have entered into a collaborative effort to advance research to find a cure for GIST using a novel therapeutic approach and patient-driven data. [...]

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National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation and the Life Raft Group Announce Collaboration

The Life Raft Group is pleased to announce a new collaboration to provide access to our valuable resource tool, SideEQ, to the LeioMyoSarcoma Patient-Family-Care Partner Community. Commencing on May 5, members of [...]

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Becoming a “Patient Champion”: Strategies for Caregivers

Navigating the waters of medical treatment can be not only confusing, but also potentially deadly. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, one in seven Medicare patients in hospitals experiences a medical error. [...]

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Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) Annual Meeting Update

Today’s researchers estimate that there are over 200 classified cancers today and that one out of three people will be affected by it at some stage in their life. With the extreme prevalence of cancer [...]

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Partnering for Cures Seventh Annual Meeting Held in NYC

The 7th Annual Partnering for Cures meeting hosted by FasterCures was held Nov. 1-3 in NYC with more than 750 movers and shakers from patient groups, pharma, academia, government and industry. Some notable participants included: [...]

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Institute of Medicine Report Findings on Diagnostic Error

A recent report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare, outlines findings on the state of diagnostic error in our healthcare system. A follow-up to the 2000 landmark study, To Err [...]

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Life Raft group Attends Partnering for Cures Meeting

The sixth annual Partnering for Cures meeting sponsored by FasterCures was held November 16-18 in New York City. Over 1,000 attendees from biopharma, governmental agencies, academia, philanthropy and patient advocacy organizations came together to explore [...]

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It Will Take Not One Hero but Many: Collaborating for a Cure

Time magazine this month published an in-depth look at how collaboration is beginning to change the way cancer research is approached, citing numerous examples of the effectiveness of scientists working together to find a cure.

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