#ShowUsYourRare is the Life Raft Group’s most recent effort to bring attention to GIST and other rare cancers through a series of activities that let people highlight the most special, unique parts of themselves. We want to redefine what the word rare means to the world and in doing so increase the quality of diagnosis and treatment afforded to those branded “rare.”

Participating in the #ShowUsYourRare campaign is easy:

You can post a status, photo or video to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook with the hashtag #ShowUsYourRare and encourage your friends to do the same. It can be anything you want that expresses what makes you or someone you care about special.

Not a social media user? Send the pictures to us and we’ll post them for you!

Social Media tips:

  • Reach out to your favorite celebrity by tweeting ”Support rare diseases! Tell us what makes you special and #ShowUsYourRare!”
  • You can also personalize it. For example you can take a picture with your Snow White DVD and tweet the cast of Once Upon A Time “My love of Snow White makes me rare. Retweet and support #ShowUsYourRare”


ForestWe often hear the phrases “the common good” and “the needs of the many” in reference to healthcare. The problem is, what if your needs fall outside of the common good. What if we can no longer see the trees for the forest?

In the world of cancer, diseases are split into two camps: rare and common, and with cuts in cancer research funding increasing each year, rare cancers suffer disproportionately.  With over 200 cancers vying for research funds and only five percent of proposals awarded funding from the National Institutes of Health (the largest contributor to cancer research in the world), rare cancers regularly fall by the wayside.

So, when did rare become such a scary word? When did it become something to ignore?

Utilizing the powerful potential of social media to spread our message, we are asking the world to help us shine a spotlight on that which makes us…unique, beautiful, powerful, brave… in other words—rare.

Our GIST Awareness Day 2015 Mosaic

The Life Raft Group is excited for GIST Awareness Day 2015 and wants your help to celebrate! This day is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those living with GIST.

Our inaugural GIST Awareness Day  was a huge success, we know with your help 2015 will be even bigger and better! This year, we’re celebrating GIST Awareness Day by creating a mosaic made from #ShowUsYourRare photos from all over the world. To be included in the mosaic, make sure to post a photo or video to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or the Life Raft Group Facebook page with the hashtag #ShowUsYourRare.


You can also help us bring attention to this disease by educating your friends and family and joining our call to action. Support our efforts through fundraising, participating in advocacy efforts, or holding an awareness day event. No matter how you choose to celebrate GIST Awareness Day, you will be helping to shine a light on GISTers around the world – THANK YOU!