Welcome to our In Memoriam page, where we honor those who have passed away after a courageous fight against GIST.

It is our tradition to light a candle at sundown to honor the individual when we learn of their passing. To notify us of the death of one of our members, please email us at

If you would like to light a candle for a friend or loved one who has passed away, you can do so at our In Memoriam site.

 You can search the In Memoriam listing below by Name and/or Date:

2019 and forward:

Nikhil Guhagarkar26 - June - 2020
John L. Thomas12 - June - 2020
Dulce Ipapo17 - February - 2020
Vishwas Bawle16 - February - 2020
Stephen E. Tallau8 - February - 2020
Merak Melikian3 - February - 2020
John Nickele13 - January - 2020
Terrance Pridmore28 - December - 2019
Ton van Schaik2 - December - 2019
Pierrine Foessel 23 - November - 2019
Richard Konicek10 - November - 2019
Paul Bailey11 - October - 2019
Ronald Elasik9 - October - 2019
Royce Williams28 - September - 2019
Joseph McKamey12 - September - 2019
Ibrahim Hussein31 - August - 2019
Tara Garcia5 - August - 2019
James Caswell31 - July - 2019
Debra Manning29 - July - 2019
Wayne Bennett16 - July - 2019
Jill Heinrich16 - July - 2019
Margaret Beyers23 - June - 2019
Nikki Morales13 - June - 2019
Elaine Wilson13 - June - 2019
Kathy Bishop3 - June - 2019
Crescencio Alberto Roman Pezo28 - May - 2019
T.M.A. Rajudeen6 - May - 2019
Trevis Joyner9 - May - 2019
Patrick Mullen23 - April, 2019
Antonia Georgakopoulos 22 - April 2019
Dirk Niebaum19 - April - 2019
Noel Pieters11 - April - 2019
Ron Agypt10 - April - 2019
Titus Mathew4 - April - 2019
Mamadally Chamroo28 - March - 2019
Leslie Donigan27 - March - 2019
Jesus Bisbal20 - March - 2019
Glenda Zick23 - February - 2019
Nancy Harris23 - January - 2019
Sergio Trucco20 - January - 2019
Linda Smith8 - January - 2019

2000 – 2018:

Linda Thompson28 - December - 2018
Joe Overhulser28 - December - 2018
Sharon Kannel24 - December - 2018
Erlinda Adajar24 - December - 2018
Danijel Romic20 - November - 2018
Judy Bright14 - November - 2018
Hilda Montenegro-Abarca10 - November - 2018
Greg Covington23 - October - 2018
Samantha Wexler22 - October - 2018
Brenda Lee Kuckelburg21 - October - 2018
Karen Ammons15 - October - 2018
Patricia Thomson30 - September - 2018
Gary Lee Napier25 - September - 2018
Rhea Sherwin12 - September - 2018
Timothy Sands25 - August - 2018
Bettye Harrison-Burns22 - August - 2018
Elsie María Hernández Saborío7 - August - 2018Wife to Michael Josephy Moss
Maria Schepers-Jeurissen3 - August - 2018
John Henry Adams23 - July - 2018
Ted Wolf23 - July -2018
Steven Munene20 - July - 2018
Tom Barnitt11 - June - 2018
Garnette Draper15 - May - 2018
Patricia Foster14 - May - 2018
Angelo Lombardi 7 - May - 2018
Patti J. Orth
5 - May - 2018
Adrienna Davis3 - May - 2018
Lawrence Freed23 - February - 2018Husband to Linda
Jay Hipkins21 - February - 2018Husband to Tina
Miguel Angel De La Rosa27 - January - 2018
Julie Clifford22 - November-2017
Howard Greenley20 - October- 2017Husband to Renee
William Burt16 - October - 2017
Daniel Winter 4 - October -2017Husband to Jane
Rossana Milton1 - September 2017
Linda Volkening15 - July - 2017
Anatoliy Kutovenko 15 - July 2017
Lynn Burrows7 - July - 2017Wife to Will
Dana Hice Perason 17 - June- 2017
Gerald Perkus17 - May - 2017Husband to Michelle
Janet Mendoza15 - May - 2017Wife to Mike, mother to 3 children
John Lundon1 - May - 2017
Rachel Anderson13 - April- 2017Daughter of Vernon and Carol Anderson
George Dunn27 - March- 2017Husband to Peggy
Godsent Odero1 - March-2017 Husband to Amweno, father of Miriam
Katherine Somervell17 - February - 2017Wife to Alan, mother to Emma and Conor
Cynthia Folie4 - February - 2017
Floyd Pothoven10 - January - 2017
Herb Puryear19 - December - 2016
Kie (KK) Go3 - December - 2016
Eleanor T.
30 - November - 2016Wife of Perry Barbaro. Mother of Tina (& Steve) Johnston and Anthony Svedi.
Nellie/Dunn9 - November -2016Wife to Alfred Dunn, mother to Jim Dunn
Gary J. Neal4 - November - 2016Husband to Cindy, father to John, Erin, Micah, and Kyle
Leigh Woodward30 - October - 2016
Larry Selkovits19 - October - 2016Husband to Shelly,
Father to David
Aida Fernandez14 - October - 2016Wife to Heriberto, mother to Miguel, Crisaida, Ana, Elizabeth, Haydee, and Heriberto Jr.
Deborah Falck 2 - October - 2016
Anita Scherzer 29 - September - 2016Wife to Norman, mother to Ellen and Robert
Ron Hallett21 - September - 2016Husband to Delores
Joyce Fredericks13 - September - 2016Wife to Ralph, mother to Joy Lynn, Brent and Ashley
Hector Duran Camacho15 - August - 2016
Barry Hawkins13 - August - 2016Son of George and Jeanine Hawkins, brother to Betsy, Jane, Sally, Brian, and Mark
Pearl Payne26 - July - 2016
Patricia Zeme21 July - 2016
Marion Toby Koch21 - July - 2016
Clifford Bechard16 - July - 2016Husband to Lisa, father to Ken, Clifford, Jane, Doug, Mary-Anne, John, Donna, and stepfather to Joseph, Jenna, and Mikita
Richard Winstead7 - July - 2016
Carol Miller20 - June 2016Wife to Thomas, mother to Elizabeth, William, Stephen, and Katherine
Brian Sharpe17 - June - 2016Companion of Linda
Lucy Madsen15 - June - 2016
Robert L. Ryninger10 - June - 2016Husband to Vonda, father to Hannah
Alan Kahuhu30 - April - 2016
Ross Gallagher26 - May - 2016
Julie Thorne11 - May - 2016Wife to Jeffrey, mother to Jared, Jocelyn, and Jenna
Stephen Wells5 - May - 2016
Christopher Carley3 - May - 2016Husband to Nancy, father of Clare, Christopher, Beth, and Brian
Ivana Belk26 - April - 2016Wife to Ralph, mother to Hannah
Queenie Hastings4 - April - 2016Wife to Donald Hastings
Rebecca T. Harper14 - March - 2016Wife to Don Harper, mother of Paul
Stefan Mandov10 - March - 2016
Susan Arnoczky9 - March - 2016
Doris Dallow25 - February - 2016Wife of Stephen, step-mother of Nicole and Michele
Christopher Huckabee19 - February - 2016Husband to Stephanie
Maria Carrillo2 - February - 2016
Art Watts26 - January - 2016Husband to Jeannette,
Father to Brian, Tim, and Laurie
Debbie Muir25 - January - 2016
Elizabeth Gilbert15 - January - 2016Wife to Humphrey, mother to Tom, George, Ben, and Ed and step-mother to Keri Lynn
David Lee Kors17 - December - 2015Husband to Nancy, father to Jennifer, Julie, and Jonathan
Stephen C. Schwan 14 - December - 2015Father to Christopher and Brian
Paul Richardson5 - December - 2015
Gary Somers4 - December - 2015Husband to Deb
Ian Rahimi15 - November - 2015Son to Franko and Jaine, brother to Andrew and Rebecca
Louis Salomons8 - November - 2015Husband to Joann, father to Brianne, Timothy and Louis
Gerardo Marra5 - November - 2015Husband to Anna Marie, father to Rebecca, Christina, and Jacqueline
John Clint Collins8 - October - 2015Husband to Jessica, father to Natalie & Noah
Erwin H. Johnson8 - September - 2015Husband to Ann, father to
Donna, Jay, Janet, Julie, Jeffrey, and Laura
Marion Patton George27 - August - 2015Husband to Anne
Trudy Scheper24 - August - 2015
Mark Calbeck22 - August - 2015Husband to Connie, father to Christina, Carolyn, and Alexander
Myra A. Rafeld 30 - July - 2015Wife to Roger, mother to Denise, Tammy, Tim and Lee
Maureen Writt
19 - August - 2015Mother to Christopher and Richard
Diana L. Smith
18 - August - 2015
Henk Boomsma4 - August - 2015
Donna Johnson4 - July - 2015Partner of Ron Anderson, mother to Christy and Tecia
Henk Boomsma4 - August - 2015
Michael Logan Christopher5 - April - 2015 Husband to Kristi and father to Robert and Michael
Patricia Hernandez12 - March - 2015Wife to Edward, mother to Alejandro, Antonio, Adrian, and Benito
Susan Rink28 - February - 2015Wife to Gordon and mother to Steven, Kevin and Christie
Joyce O’Shea26 - February - 2015Wife to Richard, mother to Janell and Jodie
Christine Boyd6 - February - 2015
Louise Leonard2 - February - 2015Wife to John, mother to Karla, John, and Bob
John Lynch, Jr.25 - September - 2015Husband to Yvonne, father to Steven and Gary
Harvey Hedgcock21 - September - 2015
Mary Pfeiffer12 - September - 2014 Wife to Charles W. Pfeiffer and mother to Christopher and Matthew
Merlin W. Gesing28 - February - 2015Husband to Becky, father to Meghan, Leah, Vaughn and Hannah
Elias Njogu Kang’athiJanuary 2015
Marije Govers-Moria9 - January - 2015Wife to Gert, mother to Edwin
Patricia “Pat” Lemeshka31 - December - 2014Wife to Bob, mother to Niki and Brian, grandmother to Andi and Brooks
Stephanie Call26 - December - 2014Wife to Jerry
Robert Toy McLaughlin19 - December - 2014Husband to Christine, father to Piper, Stacey, Allison, and Ashley
Mark A. Stanke19 - December - 2014Husband to Elizabeth, father of Brooke and Alec
Michael Pacillo28 - November - 2014Husband to Catriona
William E. Steele27 - November - 2014Husband to Viola, father to Cathy, Michael, Patrick and William II
David E. Jordan27 - November - 2014Husband to Anne, father of Matthew, Jennifer, and Thomas. Grandfather of David, Daniel, Addlie, John, Jacob and Nicholas. Brother of R. Bruce and Gail.
Rafael Martinez15 - November - 2014
Dr. Manuel Guillermo Firgau 30 - October - 2014Husband to Dr. Sarah Friend, father to Elizabeth Grace and Johannes Firgau
Alma Klindera19 - October - 2014Mother of Eve and grandmother of Jonah and Lila
Steven Craig Luckstead27 - October - 2014Husband to Mary
Kenneth Witt26 - August - 2014Husband to Colleen; Father to Rylan and Jace.
David Safford12 - August - 2014 Husband to Cherry and father to Natalie, Kiana, and Alani
Michael Byrne9 - August - 2014Husband to Mia; Father to Matthew
Sandy Wakeling27 - July - 2014Husband to Alison and Father to William and Sebastien
Louise Ladd11 - July - 2014
Harry Smith6 - July - 2014
Raul Ramirez3- July - 2014
Donald R. Samuelson30 - June - 2014Husband to Ann; Father to Erica; Grandfather to Austin and Dalton
Timothy Matsick5 - June - 2014Husband to Kathleen, father to Todd, grandfather to Bethany, Caleb, Chloe, and Julia
Earle Heath30 - May - 2014
Gerald Liu16 - May - 2014Husband to Susana
James M. McInnis 8 - May - 2014Husband to Sally
Lane Barton3 - May - 2014
Ron Smelser15 - April - 2014
Maurice Pasquale8 - April - 2014
Richard Haan22 - February - 2014
Bob Hall19 - February - 2014
Morton Wagman8 - January - 2014Husband of Judi Wagman. Father and father-in-law of Jana and David Lucatch. Grandfather of Aliya Lucatch.
Timothy Duffey14 - December - 2013Husband to Lynne; Father to Shane and Olivia
Joyce Tucker1 - December - 2013
JoAnn Smith28 - November - 2013Wife to John; Mother to JoAnn and Carey; Grandmother to Kyle, Chat, Brittany and Harry.
Paul S. Norton SSGT USAF, (Ret)23 - November - 2013Husband to Sally; Father to Kathleen, Doug, Sarah, and Margaret; Grandfather to Matthew, Nathan, Paul, Harper and Katelyn
Debra Binkley22 - November - 2013Wife to Michael; Mother to Justin and Tyler; Grandmother to Haylee and Brylen
Tadros Endrawes17 - November - 2013
Tania McLaughlin11 - November - 2013Daughter to Melvin and Francella; Mother to Logan; Sister to Tammy
Barbara Erhart Bruce 9 - November - 2013Wife to Wayne; Mother to Jeff and Jan; Grandmother to Becky, Jennifer and Sam; Great Grandmother to Avery
Erik Krauch8 - November - 2013Husband to Kristy; Father to MacKenzie and Kaydence; Son to Bill and Terry
Mary Netting5 - November - 2013Wife to Kenneth; Mother to Joseph and Kendra; Grandmother
Morgan Konnick19- October - 2013Wife to John; daughter to Randy and Corinne; sister to Corey; Granddaughter
Caryn Cain16 - October - 2013
Julie Ann Carlson9 - October - 2013Mother, Sister, and Grandmother
Brian Eric Poe5 - October - 2013Husband to Mala; Son of Jo and Ray; Brother to Alan, Jennifer, Rich, Deena, John and Diana
Jack Marstellar30 - September - 2013Husband to Mary; Father to Lynette, David, and Nancy; Grandfather
Susan Farmer16 - September - 2013
Delores Jean Huston15 - September - 2013
Richard Bartenbach4 - September - 2013Husband to Lorraine; Father to Danielle, John, and Scott.
Stan Folda29 - August - 2013Husband to Anna; Father to Desera, Cheryl, Karen, Terri, Karla; Brother, Grandfather
Terrance Spall 10 - August - 2013
Mary Corliss10 - August - 2013
Daniel White4 - August - 2013
Mary Giles18 - July - 2013
Laura Boughner18 - July - 2013
Kath Kimball27 - July - 2013
Helen Snyder19 - July - 2013Mother to Cynthia, James, Marie, and John; Grandmother to 13 grandchildren.
Neil Intindola 2 - July - 2013Father to Bella; Son to Annamaria; Brother to Santina, Rina and Gerardo.
Theodora Koumbouzis 26 - June - 2013
Steven McLaughlin25 - June - 2013Son to Rosemary; Husband to Kathleen; Father to Brian, Chris and Megan
Hank Walker14 - June - 2013
Timothy Coughlin31 - May - 2013Brother of Michael; uncle of Daniel J., Martin F., John P., Timothy P. and the late James M.
Nora Lynn Webb-Winstead26 - May - 2013Wife to Stephen; Sister to Dana;
Erin Malnory18 - May - 2013Daughter to Glenn and Bev; Sister to Megan
Dr. Peter Joseph Quinn17 - May - 2013Husband to Sheppie; Father to Aggie and Hugh
Edward Martinka, Jr.9 - May - 2013 Husband to Margaret; Father to Misty and Chris.
Mohammad Reza Yazdi 7 - May - 2013
Albert Paul Costa2 - May - 2013Husband to Patricia; Father to Jeffrey and his wife Kathleen, and Susan.
Jim Dunn29 - April - 2013Father to Jacob
Aimee Adcock24 - April - 2013Daughter to Kathleen and Charles; Sister to David, Colleen, Nina, and Nicole.
Ralph Farmer20 - April - 2013Husband to Debbie; Father to Brooks Michael Farmer, Hayley Jo (Ben) Molin and Marina Ruth Yee.
Shirley Ann McIntosh15 - April -2013 Mother to Kelly and Dylan; Grandmother to seven grandchildren
Marie Lagaluga7 - April -2013 Devoted Partner of Patrick; Loving mother of Joshua.
Kenneth D. Huff26 - March - 2013
Tereba Venita Berrian22 - March - 2013Mother to Tamika; Sister to Deborah, Jennifer, Laurestine, Sylvia, Nicole, Elliot and Robert
John Janicki20 - March - 2013 Husband to Judy; Father to Greg; Grandfather to Dakota and McKenzie.
Cherie Lufkin Blackett14 - March - 2013Wife to Frank; mother to Amy and Kenneth; Grandmother to Lillian, Dawn, and Michael.
Larry Ryan25 - February - 2013Husband to Janeen; Robert Ryan (Starley) Deanna Anderson (Ryan) Daniel Ryan (Jenna) and Jennifer Emans (Robert), Two step children; Two sisters; six grandchildren and five step grandchildren.
Kay Jarman18- February - 2013
Betty Gunderson13 - February - 2013
David Blender8 - February - 2013Father to Ann, Richard, and Dennis; Beloved Grandfather
Bob Bridgewater27 -Jan- 2013 Husband to Ann.
George Logan5-Jan-13Husband to Jessie; Father to Janet; step-children, Brent (Angie) Boles and Brenda (Mark) Fenner; six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
Nely Jaquez2-Jan-13Wife to Francisco, mother to Idarmis, Meliza, Frances and Francisco. Grandmother of eight.
Joycelyn W. Miller3 - January -2013
Bob Book9-Dec-12Husband to Jeanne; father to Mary, Nancy William & Bart; grandfather to Benjamin, Lauren, Hilary, Christine, Michael; great-grandfather to Isabella
Larry Weaver26-Nov-12Husband to Susan; Father to Patrick and Stephanie; Grandfather to Gwenyth Weaver
Daniel Butt23-Nov-12Husband to Barbara
Richard Bodden14-Nov-12Father to Amber, Travis & Tami, grandfather to Haley, Brooke, Paige & Brayden
Mitch Kremer13-Nov-12Husband to Ann, father to Austin & Taylor, brother to Michelle, Pam, Christy, Kaura, Joanna & John
Harold Paulette25-Oct-12Brother to James & Gordon
Doug Horst16-Oct-12Husband to Lennis, father to Rudy, Paula, Jennifer & late Victoria, brother to Shirley
Michael Lerner4-Oct-12Husband to Michelle, father to a daughter & two sons
William Clyde Turner24-Sep-12
Maria Torres29-Sep-12Daughter to Raul and Guadalupe; Wife to Jose; Mother to Alan and Maria
Harald Pedersen12-Sep-12Husband to Rebecca, father to Hans, Sarah and Violet
James Paul Kaletta29-Aug-12Husband to Lori, brother to Tom, Mary, Jane, and Ann
David Finkelstein27-Aug-12Husband to Elaine, father to Donna, Richard and Bruce
Jennifer Locke11-Aug-12
Michael Shorb8-Aug-12
Joan Smalec27-Jul-12Mother to Jennifer
Joy Davis11-Jul-12Mother to John, Robert and Irene
Darryl Wallace5-Jul-12Father to Qadirah, brother to Sharon, Ronson, Azzizz-Qahhaar, Lewis and Barry
Ken Schou4-Jul-12
Chris Kaczmarek1-Jul-12Son to Albin and Ardis, brother to Jack and Nancy
Dereck Juden29-Jun-12Husband to Wendy, son to Dan and Linda
Gayne Ek19-Jun-12Husband to Joleta, father to Gil, Cindy and Cheri
Richard Fosbrink2-May-12Husband to Elaine, Father to Donna and Richard, brother to Bruce and Larry
Buddy Coats Jr.22-Apr-12Husband to Denise; father to Clarence, Sara, Debbie, Kendra, Kristin, Sarah, and Amy; grandfather to Bryce, Brandon, Xavier, Zerach, and Zidon; Stepfather to Kara.

Linda Brecko
21-Apr-12Wife to Ken; mother to Dena, Sara, Debbie, Kendra, Kristin, Sarah, and Amy; grandmother to twelve grandchildren, ranging in age from twenty years to one month old.

Marriane Malinowski
14 - Apr - 12Wife to Gary; Mother to Serena and John.
Ann O'Malley-Luce10-Apr-12Mother to Adam, Colleen and Meaghan, sister to Beatrice, Carol, James, Edward and Stephen
Robert Hare23-Mar-12Husband to Sue, father to Kim, grandfather to Roman, brother to Jack & Roy
Julie Newman20-Mar-12Mother to Lynne

Tom Overley
14-Mar-12Father to Maggie, Libby & Alli, brother to William, uncle to Olivia & Whitney
Reinhardt Jesse10-Mar-12

Frank Tondo
4-Mar-12Husband to Gail, father to Rita, Lisa & Gianna, grandfather to Danielle, Chase, Frankie, Mario, Elliot & Ava

David Durham
1-Mar-12Husband to Carolyn, father to David & Eric, son to Don & Kathy, brother to Donna, Lisa, Jeff & Christopher

Betty Arnett
28-Feb-12Wife to Ron, mother to Stacy & Darren, grandmother to Jacob, Macy, Lela & Sam, sister to Johnny & Peggy

Jessica Woods-Marchionda
26-Feb-12Wife to Jason, sister to Jacob
Nancy Reinhardt 23 - February - 2012Wife to Ron, mother to Tracy and Cassie

Jeroen Pit
5-Feb-12Husband to Emilie
Debbie Brewster4-Feb-12Wife to Rick, mother to Angela & Adam, grandmother to Meeka, daughter to Violet, sister to Calvin, Curtis & Karen, aunt to Catherine, Sarah, Jennifer & Emily
Edward Sauer1-Jan-12
Janice Aubert21-Dec-11Mother to Don
Vera Krstevski17-Dec-11Mother to Dejan
Sally Smith8-Dec-11Wife to Brack, mother to Vaughn, sister to Kay & William, grandmother to Stephanie, Matthew, Sarah, Cameron, Megan & Kelsey
Rafael Becerra7-Dec-11Husband to Lilia
John Smith7-Dec-11Husband to Tina
Lynette Ferguson3-Dec-11Daughter to Suzanna
Janet Rowe1-Dec-11Daughter to Edward & Helen, wife to Mike, mother to Jeff, Tim, Michael & Kevin, sister to Jim, John, Donna & Keith, grandmother to Benjamin, Zachary, Nicholas & Samantha
Mark Walker30-Nov-11Husband to Kim
Bob Tikkanen24-Nov-11Husband to Pat, father to Michelle, Troy & Chris, grandfather to Morgan, Nick, Liliedahl, Nicole, Mike & Hannah, great grandfather to Liliana
Goetz Wochinger19-Nov-11Husband to Gudrun
Preston Ford25-Oct-11Husband to Cheryl, father to Shannan, Terri & Tabatha, stepson to Eva, brother to Debbie, Pam & Carolyn, grandfather of 10
Lawrence Glasser10-Oct-11Husband to Eileen, father to Gary & Julie, grandfather to Joshua, Andrew, Rachel, William, Josie & Mandy, brother to Norma
Richard Evans8-Oct-11
Diane Ralston6-Oct-11
Dan Cunningham2-Oct-11Husband to Mickey, father to Marissa & Danielle, brother to Jean, Marie, Dorothy, John, Patricia, David & Alice
Jonathan Wilson21-Sep-11
Mervin Gangstead14-Sep-11Son to Ruth, brother to Vivian, husband to Carol, father to Stacey & Steven, grandfather to Grant & Hayes
Victoria Zuber12-Sep-11Wife to Leo, mother to Randi & Robyn, grandmother to Ethan, Owen, Jazmin, Stephanie & Martin, sister to Michael
Katrina Rene Cordell31-Aug-11Wife to Marty, mother to Glenn & Katelyn, daughter to Katrina, sister to Stephen & Natalie
Richard Palmer25-Aug-11Son to Elizabeth, husband to his "bride", Linda, father to Matt & Becky, grandfather to Camden, Logan & Luke
Jonathan West15-Aug-11Father to Heather, grandfather to Elijah
Ann J. Mancuso8 - August - 2011
Kaye Thompson25-Jul-11Wife to Terry, mother to Terry, Gerry & Larry, grandmother to John, Tyler, Ryan, Samantha & Jack, aunt to John, Christopher & Shannon
Sandra Krizan23-Jun-11
Tina Pandolfino15-Jun-11
Simon Price14-Jun-11Husband to Lucia, father of two
William O’Brien6 - June - 11Husband to Colleen; Father to William, Patrick, Kathleen and Maureen
Michael Lightle3-Jun-11Fiance to Darcy, son to Ralph & Ruth, brother to Bill & Jacque
Matthew Guthrie3-Jun-11Husband to Michelle, father to Matthew & Michael, brother to Mike
Richard Lowry2-Jun-11
Chenyu "David" Wang31-May-11Brother to May
William L. Hunter29 - May - 2011
Wendy Warren29-May-11
Stephen Bashaw26-May-11Husband to Laurie, son to Florence, father to Eric, Stephanie & Holly, grandfather to Sebastian, Benjamin & Sophia, brother to Judy & John
Charles McCurdy26-Apr-11Husband to Mary, son to Charles & Edith, brother to Sandy & Laurie, father to Chris, Kelly, Brian, Mollie, Maggie, and Charlie, grandfather to Ella & Kayla
Kitty Cartwright7-Apr-11
Mariette Dubois5-Apr-11Wife to Cees, mother to Saskia & Bregje, grandmother to Jetje
Rachel Tate19-Mar-11Mother to Matthew
Peter Genga11-Mar-11Son to Evelyn, brother to Gary & Mark
Walter Scott8-Mar-11Brother to Linda
Rick Abbiehl1-Mar-11Husband to Teena, father to Jennifer, Kelli & Trent, grandfather to Ethan, David, Bailey & Austin, brother to April, Mary & Michael
RoseMarie Jackson24-Feb-11Sister to John
Pu'a Galuvao11-Feb-11Mother to Rosanna & Leasi
Deborah Reney8-Feb-11Wife to Maurice, mother to Stephen, Katherine & Peter
Robert "Butch" Eller19-Jan-11Husband to Jeanie, father to Ryan, brother to Bess, William, Patricia, Nancy, Janet, Jack & Linda
Jennifer Sikes18-Jan-11Wife to Paul, mother to Ashley & Abbey, daughter to Tony & pat, sister to Andy, grandaughter to Evelyn
Edgar DeMunck10 - Aug - 10Husband to Anita; Father to Gary, Larry, John, Gregory, Tracee, Patti and Kathleen
Michel Timans26 - Aug - 10
David McCormick27-Dec-10Husband to Carolyn, father to Michele & Michael, grandfather to Troy, Kyle, Caleb, Casey & Jeanette
Silvio Manzanares
Stephen Petrera23-Dec-10
Lisa M. Booker18-Dec-10
Franklin Whitaker16-Dec-10
Glen Banks15-Dec-10Husband to Elizabeth, father to Thomas & Glen
David Brandis25-Nov-10Husband to to Linda, Stepfather to Christine, brother to Robert, Thomas, Louise & Shirley, father figure to Tanya
Rick Sorg18-Nov-10
Bill Buchanan11-Nov-10Husband to Maureen, father to Nolan, Aaron & Kyle; brother to Alexandra & many nieces and nephews
Marek Szczesny25-Oct-10Father to Krzysztof & Bartosz
Ben Redman13-Oct-10Husband to kari, father to McKenzie, Casey & Gage
Linda Hampson10-Oct-10Mother to Megan, grandmother to Bronwyn & Darwin, sister to Ken & Larry
Jay Hepner26-Sep-10Father to Shayna, son to Rita, brother to Shoshana & Allen, companion to Barbara and many nieces and nephews
Eleanor Lewis22-Sep-10Wife to Stephen, mother of 3, sister to Maxine & Nancy
Todd Gardner14 - September - 2010Survived by his longtime love Tammy Bowman, daughters Teri, and Tiffany; and step children Heather, Jennifer
Ute Scheifling5 - September-2010
James Robinson6-Aug-10Husband to Marti, father to Steven & Renee
Pam Lewkovich19-Jun-10Wife to Mark
Omer Mercier16-Jun-10
Gary LaFrancis14-Jun-10Husband to Lindy
Matt Murff3-Jun-10
Henry Offen25-Apr-10Husband to Bobbie, father to Julia & Karl, grandfather to Antonia, brother to Magdalene, Gisela & Walter, nephew to Gerhard and uncle to many nieces and nephews
Louis Sill19-Apr-10Husband to Jeanne, father to Julie, Becky & Mike, grandfather to Van, Ella & Lucy, brother to Chris & Debbie
Kenneth Schiefelbein Jr.30-Mar-10Father to Charlotte
Jeanne Noell28-Mar-10Mother to Sylvia
Fred Weiss21-Mar-10Wife to David, mother to Mitch & Zach, daughter to Wayne & Louise
Gloria Richmond9-Mar-10Wife to Archie, mother to Ellen, Risa, Cyril & Elliot, grandmother to Dori, Sruly, Jesse, Zachary, Sarena, Daryl, Cayle, James, Allie Meg, Sam, Brandon & Kyle, great-grandmother to Tani
Mari Josephine Smith27-Feb-10
Jennifer Bayles19-Feb-10Wife to David, mother to Mitch & Zach, daughter to Wayne & Louise
Connie Arndt31-Jan-10Wife to ray, mother to Kimberly, Scott, Kelly, Todd, Debra & Tamara, grandmother to 14
Carl Banker29-Jan-10Husband to Katherine, father to Kathy, Richard, Karen & Carl David, grandfather to Ian, Jonathan, Lauren, Aaron, Lance & Kailey, brother to Patricia, best friend to Keith
Gail Orso15-Jan-10Wife to Fran, mother to Braden & Bryan, daughter to Joan and sister to Penny, David, Edward, Daniel & Donna
Clive Harrison7-Jan-10Husband to Evelyn
Tommy Crutchfield25-Dec-09Husband to Ettie
Lois Bond12-Dec-09
Laura Kukucka1-Dec-09Wife to Phil, mother to Jacob, daughter to Patricia & Clinton.
Rita Catherine Joyce Patient29-Nov-09Wife to Greg, mother to Amy, Greg & Melissa, daughter to Leona, sister to 9, grandmother to 4
Matthew Arluck26-Nov-09Son to Richard & Yvonne, brother to Denise, brother-in-law to Joel, uncle to Luke & Reece
Patricia Morrissy24-Nov-09Wife to Daniel, mother to Shannon & Daniel, grandmother to Jacob & Kuke, sister to barbara, Michelle & Patrick
John Ryan7 - November - 2009
Anja Long24-Oct-09Wife to Steve
Nancy Wisecarver Jones21-Oct-09Mother to Gail
Selena Hudson20-Oct-09Wife to Greg
Herbert Moses9-Oct-09Husband to Diane
Joseph Hamilton4-Oct-09Husband to Takako, father to Lisa & Chris, grandfather to Kylian & Jayna, brother to James & Betty
Jessica MacneilSeptember, 2009
Kenneth Rowan30-Sep-09Husband to Jane, father to Billie Ray, Tammy Mae, Thomas & Sean, grandfather of 19, great-grandfather of 7
Linda Chuyko29-Sep-09Wife to Jay, mother to Jason, sister to Pat, grandmother to Christian, great-grandmother to Van
Louise Teerink4 - September - 2009Wife to Hendrik, mother to Dominic and Karrie
Nurit Mantz2-Sep-09Wife to Richard, mother to Andrew & Taylor, sister to Vered & Daganit, daughter-in-law to Richard & Drena, Sister-in-law to Melissa & aunt to Jennifer
Neva Hageman12-Aug-09Mother to Michael & Gregg, Stepmother to Debra & Sharon, grandmother of 6 and great-grandmother of 4
Jacqui Bromberg3-Aug-09Daughter to Robin
Brad Clark25-Jul-09
Mark Becker6-Jul-09Husband to Janet, Father to Stephanie & Julie, Godfather to Cole & Elle, Brother to Susan & Ronald, Son to Jacqueline & the late Arnold
James KwokJune, 2009
Jack Dear23-Jun-09Husband to Vickie
Renate Croll17-Jun-09Mother to Sharil and Darlene
Jerry Albright14-May-09
Dana Janet O'Bryan5-May-09Wife to Aaron, daughter to Lila, mother to Dana & Aaron, sister to Evonne, Wanda, Harry & Larry, grandmother to Savannah, Ian & Caroline
Kenneth Klipper3-May-09Father to Robin
Kitty Katt Kimbell24-Apr-09Mother to Shannon & Kimberle, Wife to John, Daughter to Jean & late Bill, sister to Ziggy & Bob
Joseph Mirenda, III16-Apr-09Partner to Beckie
Howard Kemp27-Mar-09Father to Andrea
Ulrich Schnorf15-Mar-09Husband to Helga
Fatima Ouassini7-Feb-09Mother to Khalid
Dennis Janz6-Feb-09Husband to Diane, Father to four children and one grandchild
Dan Wiseman6-Feb-09Husband to Sally, Father to Sofie
Leland B. Emerson, Jr.27-Jan-09Partner to Judi
Berthe Gowdy21-Jan-09Wife to Donald, Mother to five children and seven grandchildren
Beverly Wishon20-Jan-09Wife to Glenn
Jeannette McIntosh18-Jan-09Wife to Russell, Mother to Vicki, Jeff (Kim), and John
Francis James Benninger26-Dec-08Husband to Bertha, Father to Cara, Kait and Aaron
Ed Shtang23-Dec-08Brother to the late Ben
Sarah Blanche Ferris14-Dec-08Wife to Delle
Ellen Sarko Heppler7-Dec-08Fiancée to Seth, Mother to four children and one grandchild
Donnie Chadrick5-Dec-08Husband to Chantelle, Son to Glinna & Don, Brother to Debi, Ramie, & Jason, Father to Meghan
Thomas Gjertson4-Dec-08Father to Cheryl, Dale, and Angie, and two grandchildren
Severo Lopez19-Nov-08Husband to Jodie, Father to two children
Dr. Arnold Kwart5-Nov-08Husband to Kathy
Sharla Ellingham17-Oct-08Wife to Robert, Mother to Thomas (Cindy), two grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren
William Nichols17-Oct-08
Bill Roth15-Oct-08Husband to Frances, Father to Lorie (Jerry) and Lisa (Pete), and two grandchildren
David Paulsen8-Oct-08Husband to Barbara, father to two sons
Robert Spiegel3-Oct-08Father to Tracy and Susan
Richard Boynton17-Sep-08
Shuzhen Gao5-Sep-08Mother to Xiao
Bonnie Girard28-Aug-08Mother to Valerie
Ben Shtang16-Aug-08Brother to Ed, Father to 3 children
Dean F. Wilhelm6-Aug-08Brother to Roger, Judith, and Joan
Linda Martinez4-Aug-08Mother to Carlos, Christopher, and five grandchildren
Jan de Kort4-Aug-08
Keeley Bihr26-Jul-08Husband to Stephanie, Son of Georgia, Brother to Nicole
Amanda S. Starnes25-Jul-08
L. Rose Ellis25-Jul-08Wife to late Mac, Mother to Rosemary and Beth
Jim Toyne22-Jul-08Husband to Bobbi, Father to Patrick, Stacey, Brigid, Aimey, and Jimmy
Mahlon Sparks14-Jul-08Brother to Bill

Jan-Einar Moe
8-Jul-08Father to Håvard
Gholamali Amirfarhad8-Jul-08Father to Negar (Joe)

Butch Schade
29-Jun-08Husband to Kerry

Joseph Trinca
16-Jun-08Husband to Paula, Father to Kara and Kimberly

Tony Petruzziello
23-May-08Husband to Ninette, Father to Anthony & Marc
Alice Greenwood20-May-08Mother to John
Brian Denkers16-May-08Husband to Rita, Brother to Sherri and Nancy

Ronna Lindeken
15-May-08Mother to Kimberly and Katherine

Richard Inlander
9-May-08Father to Adam, Ethan, and Nandi, and five grandchildren
Tony Paonessa5-May-08Husband to Laura, Father to six children and four grandchildren
Robert Spar15-Apr-08Husband to Anne, Father to three children
Xiangjie Mu26-Mar-08Father to Ruijia

McGhee (Mac) Ellis
16-Mar-08Husband to Rose, Father to Rosemary and Beth
Harold R. Greene6-Mar-08Father to Carrie
Nancy Romero4-Mar-08Mother to Andrea
Rene Kerremans8-MarHusband to Heti
Doris Talley27-Feb-08Wife to Wayne, Mother to Jennifer
Shaoqiu Hu Cheng23-Feb-08Mother to Xu
Ralph Mattison23-Jan-08Husband to Audrey
Cherie Ashburn11-Jan-08
Andrea Fuller24-Dec-07Mother to Kim

Dan Scherban
23-Dec-07Husband to Kathleen

Ken Lundell
22-Dec-07Husband to Corinne
Ellen Heppler8-Dec-07Fiancée to Seth, Mother to four children and one grandchild
William (Bill) Fraser5-Dec-07Husband to Judy

Erin (Nan) Mustard
4-Dec-07Wife to Tim, Mother to Jason and Nikki
Edward Friedman18-Nov-07Husband to Sally

Gerald Snodgrass
16-Nov-07Husband to Deanne
Judy Earle23-Oct-07Wife to Bob
Patricia Friedmann Roig22-Oct-07Daughter of Sylvia

Michelle Scheirperpeter
21-Oct-07Wife to Carl, Mother to Jason and Naomi
Russ Jones18-Oct-07Husband to Val

Bob Caraway
5-Oct-07Husband to Georgia
Kittie Tomson28-Sep-07Mother to Estelle and Alexandra
Joe Marlatt17-Sep-07Father of Chris
Lee Kavaloski10-Sep-07Wife of Pete, Mother of four sons, three daughters, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren
Bruce Staffin30-Aug-07Father of Stephanie

Peter Richetti
27-Aug-07Friend of Anne
Peter van der Meer2-Aug-07Husband to Joke
Joe Simas15-Jul-07
Herbert Flom9-Jul-07Husband to Kathy, father of two
Lauralee Bucholtz30-Jun-07Mother of four
Bernd Becker15-Jun-07Father to Sven
Matt Deveney9-Jun-07Fiance to Keleigh, Son to Gerard and Margaret, Brother to Sara, Elizabeth, and Grace
Marcel Szyszkowski7-Jun-07Father to Bianca and Paul
Marcel Schaddelee26-May-07Husband to Jessica and Father to Sven and Tess
Mary Parker17-May-07Mother to Jan
Kenichi Kushida7-May
Robert Donohoe26-Apr-07Husband to Anne
Robert P. Keefe26-Apr-07Husband to Leda and Father to Daniel
Richard Singleton8-Apr-07Volunteer for the Life Raft Group
Theodore Pantelakis1-Apr-07Father to Olga
Carlos Ramos24-Mar-07Father to Antonio
Goran Demo15-Mar-07Cousin to John
Gerald Hui15-Mar-07Husband to Po-Ying
Maria Adela Ruiz13-Mar-07Mother to Laura
Leslie Millers7-Mar-07Partner to Mark
Scott McLaughlin22-Feb-07Husband to Sonja
Gregory Boitnott15-Feb-07Husband to Laura, Father to 4 children
Wilbur Stevens15-Feb-07Husband to Doreen

Stephen Gratz
1-Feb-07Husband to Karolyn, Father to Kris, Peter and Miranda, and 2 grandchildren
Gerard Hetterscheid1-Feb-07Husband to Jennifer

John Leary
25-Jan-07Husband to Janice, Father to Christopher, Son of Jack and Judy, Brother to Kristen
Mark Thomas25-Dec-06
Shehadeh Moujaes22-Dec-06Husband to Marie, Father to Waleed & Michelle, Nissrine, Rawan, and Samer, and 2 grandchildren
Lee Cousins14-Dec-06Sister to Jane and John, Daughter of Janet and the late Gerald
Peggy Howe11-Dec-06Mother to Lynn, Grandmother to Jamie Lynn, Sister to 12 brothers and sisters
Rita Raj23-Nov-06Partner to Marilen, Mother to Iska and Rizal, Sister to Nina
Jennifer Kelly21-Nov-06Wife to Mark, Mother to Mallory and Megan
Nicoletta John16-Nov-06Daughter to Eugen and Therese
Tom Kwasigroch6-Nov-06Husband to Cathy, father of two
Thuy Tran5-Nov-06Partner to Doug
Jaime Peralta6-NovHusband and Father of 3 sons
Carolyn Reinheimer31-Oct-06Wife to Ray
Peggy Weathers18-Oct-06Wife to Olin
Anna Salerno18-Oct-06Grandmother to Diane
Omer Cloutier7-Oct-06Husband to Andree
Camille Severini3-Oct-06Mother to Sue and Cheryl
James Coppede27-Sep-06Father to Laurie and Darlene
William Scholz20-Sep-06Husband to Leslie
Betty Rosenbluth17-Sep-06Mother to Deborah
Jani DeHart16-Sep-06Wife to Gary, Mother to Linden, Sister to Cathi
Luann Stanaland12-Sep-06Wife to Barry, Mother of 2 children
William Verriet10-Sep-06Husband to Monika
Peter Thomas21-Aug-06Husband to Riette, Father to Lauren and Dylan, Brother to Wayne
Henrietta Olsen10-Aug-06Wife to Art, Mother of 3 children and grandchildren
Josephine Vernon21-Jul-06Wife to Tim & Sister to Jen
Marilyn Bohan15-Jul-06
Nellie Stein10-Jul-06Mother to Marina
Paul Isaak6-Jul-06Husband to Beryl, Father to 3 children and grandchildren
Gloria Krafcik2-Jul-06Mother to Bruce, Kevin, Kim, Victoria & Kristopher, Stepmother to Jeannette & Greg, Sister to Gerald & Ann, Grandmother of 11 and Great-Grandmother of 7
Sheila Murphy8-Jun-06Wife to Al & mother to Evan and Andrea
Ted Kessler22-May-06
Roy Barton15-May-06Husband to Mary, Father to Loretta, Roy, Steven, and Mary, and Grandfather of 16, and Great-Grandfather of 2.
Alex Smolyar2-May-06Husband to Nina & father to Gary
David Rankin25-Mar-06Husband to Cobette
Alfred A. Urban20-Mar-06Husband to Joan & father to JoEllen, Ann Marie, Michael, Carolyn & grandfather of 5.
Major Thomas M. Quigley9-Mar-06Brother to member Kevin, husband to Sylvia and father to Christopher Jack
Leo William Frisk3-Mar-06Husband to Lisa, Father to Ed, Jeff, Chris, grandpa to Michelle and Krysten
Russell South26-Feb-06Father to Lee Ann and Mike and grandfather to Kayla
Peter Y Du16-Feb-06
Allan Tobes12-Feb-06Husband to Kendra and Father to Elissa(Larry)Kaufman and James(Teri)Tobes. Grandfather to Emily and Shelby Kaufman. Brother of Dr. Harold(Suzanne)Tobes, Dr. Edwin(Harriet Bakalar)Tobes and the late Sheryl Tobes Grant.
Eric Irons24-Dec-05Husband to Peggy and Father to his son
Matthew Duran16-Dec-05Husband to Michelle and Father to Isaiah and Matthias
Meng Yen Yee4-Dec-05
Cordelia Salas3-Dec-05Wife to Rodrigo and mother to Rodrigo Jr., José Miguel, Corde, Paulina and Emilio
Fritz Dutro14-Nov-05Husband to Dee and father to Mike
Don Baney13-Nov-05Husband to Connie
Ken Garabadian12-Nov-05
Norma Christian8-Nov-05Mother to Anthia
Gertie Hegge27-Sep-05Mother to 3 children
Roberta Gibson24-Sep-05Wife to Doug
Candace FrankSeptember 19,2005Wife to Chip and Mother to Josi Anna, Katrina Michelle, and Robin Christopher
Patricia NovickiSeptember 7,2005Mother to Tricia Brasen
Daniel Wieland3-Sep-05Husband to Joni
Carlo Pacquee29-Aug-05Husband to Michelle Gaug
Peter Moran21-Aug-05Brother to Karen Schmitt
Lewis Thorp17-Aug-05Father to David
Ineke de Keijser16-Aug-05Wife to Ton and mother to Karin and Jan
Richard Correa13-Aug-05Husband to Dimple
Dick Greene12-Aug-05
Marlies Bruinsma-Bol8-Aug-05Wife to Hilbrand
James Olive3-Aug-05Husband to Paige Olive
Henry Lange19-Jul-05Father to Nancy Balke
Terri Stevens19-Jul-05Wife to Joe
Dale Cross29-Jun-05Husband to Diana
Daniel Hoffman19-Jun-05Husband to Kathleen
Connie Kehr12-Jun-05Mother to Melissa and Jason, Grandmother of Christian
Ilkka Ovaska7-Jun-05Daughter to Sirpa Luoto
Carol Donnell7-Jun-05Wife of Roger and Mum to Paul, Mark, Rebecca and Aimee-Rose
Diane Henry6-Jun-05Wife to Jerry
Matina (Matt) Maisu27-May-05Husband to Annette and father to 6 children
John Engberg24-May-05Husband to Lori and father to 3 small children
Robert Danielson20-May-05Husband  to Jeannie
James Boucher19-May-05Father  to Libby Miner
Nancy Hughes Welsh28-Apr-05Wife to Randall, daughter to Jim & Margi and sister to Jamie Visit Nancy's Memoriam Webpage
Avraham Anidjar17-Apr-05Husband to Sara and father to 4 children
Alan Fink13-Apr-05Husband to Betty
Anping Tang7-Apr-05Father to Yi
Barry Rushing1-Mar-05Husband to Cherry
Christine Gibson26-Feb-05Wife to Michael, Mother to Angela, Jeremy,& Simon and Grandmother to Molly, Cormac, Sam,& Benjamin
Maher SametFeb. 24, 2005Husband to Leila and father to 3 young children
Rudi HolzapfelFeb. 6, 2005Dear friend to Luke Golobitsh
Krimo BenkridJan. 28, 2005Wife and 5 children, Brother to Hakim
Rafi AghababianJan. 23, 2005Husband to Michelle Schardt and father to 2 little girls
Karen SalesJan. 8, 2005Mother to Karri Klootwyk
Hans EnglundDec. 25, 2004Father to Fredrik Englund, Elizabeth Backeteman, Sofia Englund
Ara JelderianDec. 25, 2004Father to Michael
Marty ScharfNov. 10, 2004Husband to Kathy
John WeirNov. 7, 2004Husband to Kathy
Raymond CarbottNov. 7, 2004Father to John
Myrtle BrickmanNov. 2, 2004Wife to Harry
Barry JordonOct. 14, 2004Husband to Karen
Sandi MerrimanOct. 17, 2004Wife to Frank
John MabeeOct. 9, 2004Husband to Beatrice, Father to Bryan , Kim , Stephanie  and James
Thomas CooperSept. 25, 2004Husband to Maggie, father to Andrew
Bernie KaplanSept. 6, 2004Husband to Bracha
Stan NatansonSept. 5, 2004Husband to Ruth
Karen WestfallSept. 4, 2004Mother to Christine Morgan
Pamela BowdenAug. 30, 2004Sister to Emily and Juliana
Nelly BeelAug. 13, 2004Mother to Luk Vanhoutte
Sasidharan MenonAug. 10, 2004Father to Anamika
Carol BerresAug.11, 2004Mother to Caitlin and Cassi
Arnout ErnensAug. 4, 2004Friend to Henriette van der Klok
Mike Matthews27-Jul-04Husband to Valerie and father to Laura and Ashley
Wayne Brehaut16-Jul-04Husband to Laura and father to Sara and Michael
Mitsuru Hayami12-Jul-04Husband to Mayumi and father to Emi
Paul Roothooft1-Jul-04Husband to Christel Roothooft
Lupe Zertuche20-Jun-04Husband to Judy and father to Dan (Kim), Toby, and
Leif Blixt12-Jun-04Husband to Yvonne
Tom Fredgren15-May-04
Frank Massaria30-Apr-04Father to David
Terry Davis27-Apr-04Husband to Claire & father to Nathan
Sidney Locker26-Apr-04
Darlene Vaughn26-Apr-04Friend to Anne Murphy
James Mulcahy20-Apr-04
Arthur Dakota Rhea III20-Apr-04Husband to Carlene and father to Tyler, Katherine
Curtis R. Berry7-Apr-04Husband to Anne and father to Joni,  Peyton, and Cameron
Jeanne Lindval2-Apr-04
Don Radulovic1-Apr-04Husband to Joan and father to D.J.
Carolyn Lee Lenkszus23-Mar-04Wife to Frank and mother to Rick,  Kristine, and Dominic
Mark Sprecker11-Mar-04
Leonore Mendelsberg10-Mar-04Mother in law to Howard Reich, mother to five children,  21 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild
Gust VasiliadesFeb. 29, 2004Friend to Marion and  brother to John and Jim
Dean C. Gordanier Jr.Feb. 26, 2004Husband to Rachael  and father to Amy, Mary, and Thomas
Donald MorensteinFeb. 24, 2004Son of Ruth & Bernard; Brother & Brother-in-law of Martha & Gary Shore; Uncle to Maxinne, Robin & Emma Litvinoff
Jerry SidfridFeb. 8, 2004Husband to Jessica  and father to Sara and Maci
Donald KewJan. 31, 2004Husband to Jocelyn and  father to Erin and Christin
Lois FreyholtzJan. 13, 2004Daughter to Joan Haida
Tuomas HemminkiJan. 3, 2004Husband to Leena and  father to Heidi and Ilkka
Ray CoppleDec. 16, 2003Husband to Kathy  and father to Jon and Matt
Ann PampreenNov. 23, 2003
Frank WeigandOct. 27, 2003Husband to Ruth  and father to Susan and Drew
Mae PakenhamOct. 7, 2003Mother to Peggy, Dave, Patrick, Mary, Julie, and Jeffrey
Pat FordSept. 6, 2003Wife to Brad and mother to David and Laura
Maryann KleinSept. 4, 2003Wife of Gary  and mother of Michelle and grandmother to Brandon
Laura BlanchetteAug. 4, 2003Wife of Mitch and mother of Sarah and Curtis
William Lawson3-Jul-2003Husband to Gwen and father of Cory, Jennifer, and Rhonda
RR Unnithan28-Apr-2003Father to Sreelal Ramachandran
Melvin Ryan1-Apr-2003
Abdul HaiFeb. 26, 2003Father to Mehreen
Kurt HerzbergerJan. 19, 2003Husband to Pam, father of two
Cynthia G. WhitsonJan. 19, 2003Wife to Jerry and mother to Steve, Jill, Randy, and Donna
Kathy ColwellJan. 15, 2003Wife to Tom and mother of Katherine, Mary, and Tom
Susan KarpDec. 24, 2002
Howard DelapenhaDec. 14, 2002Husband to Sandra  and father to Joshua and Hannah
Nora ShaulisNov. 4, 2002Wife to David  and mother to Griffin
Chet DuszakOct. 5, 2002Husband to Kay  and father to Lori
Vaughn EnquistSept. 10, 2002Husband to Sharon and father to Brandon and Connor
Randy McKinney25-Jul-2002
Todd Hendrickson29-Jun-2002Husband to Janet  and father to Max Tyler and T.J.
Rev. Philip R. Johnson17-Jun-2002Husband to Grace,  father to Peter and brother to Robin Jaruszewski.
Jill B. Meyer9-Jun-2002Mother of Aliza
Jerry Pat Rylant5-May-2002Husband to Pamela, father of four and grandfather to 10
Ana Maria Baldor-Bunn19-Apr-2002Wife to Stan and mother to William
Stewart “George” Wolf19-Apr-2002Husband to Maggy and father to Thomas
Michael Cornwell19-Apr-2002Husband to Cathy
Mary Golnik18-Apr-2002Wife to Gary and mother to Timothy
Robert LeccaJan. 28, 2002Husband to Diane
Jonathan MontagueJan. 19, 2002Son of Ray and Sheila Montague brother to Jamie, Adam, and Meghan
Jacob W. Waller IIIHusband to Gerry  and father to Rita Grub
Robert CarrDec. 30, 2001Wife to Mary Lou and father of Robert, Steven, Scott, and Melissa
Bruce GunnNov. 8, 2001Husband to Roisin and father to Seamus, Liam, Brendan, and Aislinn
Ehud NehemyaAug. 7, 2001Father to Einat Zelinger and  father-in-law of Ophir Zelinger Hadar Nir
Ronald Martinez25-Jul-2001Husband to JoAnn and father of Ron, Wendy and Natalie
Jeff Prichard11-Jul-2001Husband to Joyce and father of Gregory and Scott
Amy Barney10-Jun-2001Wife to Reed and mother of Joshua
James S. Perham4-May-2001Husband to Karen and father of Craig, Kathy, and Jennifer
Jim AckermanJan. 16, 2001Husband to Betsye and father of Jill and Tom
Debbie NanceOct. 2, 2000Wife to Eddie and mother of Chris
Rodney Guccini27-May-2000Husband to Kerry

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