This list provides information of all generic TKIs available on the international markets on the product name, compound name (active ingredient), the name of the respective manufacturer and/or Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH). All information is based on data provided by EMA (European Medicines Agency), the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), CML Advocates Network, self-reported data in the LRG Patient Registry and data collected by Alianza GIST.

This list is non-commercial and is purely patient-driven. We do not claim completeness nor assure accuracy and performance of the drug given the complexity of the generics market.

Therefore, your contribution with additional or corrected data is essential. We welcome feedback or information on approval status, availability of new and known generics in your country, and on products newly approved by your local competent authorities.

Please help us keep this list up to date. If you wish to suggest any corrections or if you have additional information please fill out the TKI generics update form. If you have any questions please email Denisse Montoya at or call 973-837-9092 ext. 133.

Medication NameActive SubstanceManufacturer or Marketing Authorisation Holder          
Agacelimatinib mesylateTuteur S.A.C.I.F.I.A, Argentina
AnzovipimatinibActavis Inc.
Apo-Imatinibimatinib mesylate as alpha crystal formulationApotex, Canada
Biotinib imatinibCipla, India
CelonibimatinibCelon Labs, India
Clinidimatinib mesylateBioprofarma S.A., Argentina
DasanatdasatinibNatCo, India
DasonibdasatinibMicrosules Argentina, S.A. de S.C.I.I.A.
DasteribdasatinibTuteur S.A.C.I.F.I.A
Daturimatinib mesylateLaboratorio Internacional Argentino, S.A.
EtersadasatinibLaboratorios Synthesis, Colombia
FlumatinibimatinibJiangsu Hahsoh Pharmaceutical
FontraxdasatinibLaboratorios Richmond, S.A.C.I.F.
Ge NikeimatinibJiangsu Chia-Tai Tianqing Pharmacy Co. Ltd.
GenfatinibimatinibLaboratorio Teva-Tuteur, Argentina
GlimatinibimatinibBenta Pharma Industries, Lebanon
GlipoximatinibAdamed, Poland
ImaglivimatinibSaba İlaç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., Istanbul
Imakrebinimatinib mesylateAlvogen, Luxemburg, Romania
ImalakimatinibSun Pharma, India
Imanib imatinib mesylateIntas, India
Imarem®imatinibRemedica, Cyprus
ImatenilimatinibLogus İlaç San. Tic.Ltd.Şti.
ImatenilimatinibBiofarm, Poland
ImateroimatinibHetero Labs Limited Unit VI, India
Imatibimatinib mesylateCipla, India
Imatibimatinib mesylateLaboratorios Aspen, Argentina
ImatinimatinibLibra, Poland
Imatinibimatinib mesylateLaboratorio Euromed Chile
Imatinibimatinib mesylateGrindeks, Latvia
Imatinib AccordimatinibAccord Healthcare Ltd
Imatinib Actavisimatinib mesilateActavis Group PTC ehf
Imatinib BiocrossimatinibBIOCROSS S.A.
Imatinib CiplaimatinibCipla, India
Imatinib Coated Tablets EuromedimatinibLaboratorios Euromed Chile S.A.
Imatinib EleaimatinibElea
Imatinib Eriochemimatinib mesylateEriochem, S.A., Argentina
Imatinib GpimatinibGP PHARM
Imatinib Kemeximatinib mesylateLaboratorio Kemex, S.A.
Imatinib medacimatinibMedac Gesellschaft fuer Spezialpraeparaten mbH, Germany / Pabianickie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa S.A., Poland
Imatinib Mesylateimatinib mesylateSun Pharma, India
Imatinib Nobilus Entimatinib mesylateNobilus, Poland
Imatinib Synthon (100mg)imatinibSynthon, The Netherlands
Imatinib TevaimatinibTeva Pharma B.V.
Imatinib Mesylateimatinib mesylateApotex, Canada
Imatinib Mesylateimatinib mesylateTeva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
ImatisimatinibDeva Holding A.Ş
ImavecimatinibKoçak Farma İlaç ve Kimya Sanayi A.Ş.
ImicapimatinibFresenius Kabi, India
ImmutinimatinibNobel Pharma, Kazakhstan
Ingerinibimatinib mesylateIngerics, S.A., Argentina
Kadir imatinibSynthon Chile Limitada
KimatinibimatinibLaboratorios Clausen, Uruguay
KinacelimatinibCelon, Poland
LematinimatinibSun Pharma, India
LeusominimatinibLaboratorios Chalver De Colombia S.A.
LeutinibimatinibVitalChem (Colombia)
LitedadasatinibRaffo S.S, Argentina
LupinibimatinibLupin Laboratories (India)
Lupitib 400 mgimatinibLupin Laboratories (India)
MatibimatinibCipla, India
MatinacimatinibLaboratorios Clausen S.A.
Matinac Coated TabletsimatinibPharma Investi De Chile S.A.
Mesinibimatinib mesylateLaboratorio Varifarma, S.A.
Mesylonib 100 mgimatinibMiracalus Pharma Pvt Ltd
Mesylonib 400 mgimatinibMiracalus Pharma Pvt Ltd
Mitinab 100 mgimatinibGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Mitinab 400 mgimatinibGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Philachromin or Philachromin-fsimatinibJSC "F-Synthesis", Russia
PlivatinibimatinibPliva Pharmaceuticals, Croatia
RembredasatinibLaboratorio LKM, S.A.
Resimat 100 mgimatinibResonance Laboratories Pvt.Ltd
Resimat 400 mgimatinibResonance Laboratories Pvt.Ltd
Shantinib 100 mg capsuleimatinibShantha Biotechnics Pvt Ltd
SorafenatsorafenibNatco Pharma
SoranibsorafenibCipla, India
SprytinibdasatinibLaboratorio Dosa, S.A.
SurvtykimatinibLaboratorios PiSA
Tagonibimatinib mesylateMicrosules Argentina, S.A. de S.C.I.I.A.
Teva-Imatinibimatinib mesilate as alpha crystal formulationTeva, Israel
Timabimatinib mesylateLaboratorio LKM, S.A.
UltracelldasatinibLafedar, S.A.
Utinibimatinib mesylateLafedar, S.A.
Vativioimatinib mesylateNovartis
VeenatimatinibNatCo, India
Vekimatinib mesylateLaboratorio Dosa, S.A.
YlerisimatinibKrka, Slovenia
Zeiteimatinib mesylateLaboratorios Recalicine S.A.
ZeiteimatinibLaboratorios Synthesis S.A.S.
Zeite Coated TabletsimatinibLaboratorios Recalcine S.A.
Ziatirimatinib mesylateLaboratorios Richmond, S.A.C.I.F.
Zoleta 100 mg capsuleimatinibRanbaxy Laboratories Ltd.,