Help us bring awareness and education about GIST to the world by celebrating GIST Awareness Day on July 13th!

This year, we will be celebrating GIST Awareness Day at Life Fest in Miami. As part of our celebration we will be holding our first fundraising walk, “GIST DO IT.”
Taking the theme of “GIST DO IT,” here are some suggestions as to how you can join in the fun.

  • Attend Life Fest. It is a great opportunity to learn about GIST from the top experts and to socialize with other GISTers in beautiful Miami Florida.
  • Participate in our “GIST DO IT.” walk. Won’t be in Miami? You can register as a “Virtual Walker”. Organize a team and have them all register.
  • Hold a GIST Awareness Day event at a local medical center, advocacy organization or school. Need materials?
    Contact Mary Garland:
  • Take action. “GIST DO IT.” by joining the Patient Registry , donating tissue to our GIST Collaborative Tissue Bank, or joining SideEQ. You will be contributing to GIST research.
  • Distribute information about GIST to local doctors.
  • If you are not a member, join the LRG Patient Registry. Sharing data is vital to research.
  • Share your story. Offer to speak at local cancer centers or events. Send your story to your local newspaper. Make a short video (no more than two minutes) where you talk about what having GIST has meant in your life. We may use those as part of our awareness campaign on social media.
  • Be an advocate. Host a letter writing party to encourage your local and national legislators about the importance of supporting funding for cancer research.
  • Run a fun event. Have a sundae making party to solicit donations. Make posters that say, “GIST DO IT.” Rally the kids to help.
  • Show the world how resilient GIST patients really are. Hold an event that illustrates the theme of “GIST DO IT.” that
    showcases your creative side. Hold a dance marathon, poetry slam, open mic, salsa contest, art exhibit and also let people know about GIST.
  • Take photos at your patient gatherings. Create a collage called “The Many Faces of GIST.”

No matter what you do, have fun! Send us photos for social media.

Want to learn more about GIST Awareness Day?