Coping with GIST

Join Us for the La Senda Verde Virtual Tour with Vicky Ossio!

Vicky Ossio shares her passion for rescuing & rehoming animals confiscated due to illegal trafficking & habitat destruction with a tour of La Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia.

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Daily Mental Energy Checklist

Dealing daily with a pandemic along with GIST can be a daunting task and it may feel difficult sometimes to even face a new day. Paying attention to your mental health is an important part of everyday self-care. We have composed a Daily Checklist to help you consciously acknowledge where you are at the beginning of your day, work with those feelings, and reflect on your successes.

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Fighting Anxiety & Depression on Your GIST Journey

A cancer diagnosis has a significant impact on patients, caregivers and their families. It is normal for someone diagnosed with GIST to feel a whole host of emotions ranging from anger to fear, sadness and anxiety about the future.

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Coping for Caregivers – Preparing for a Hospital Stay

Caring for a loved one is filled with day-to-day stressors. But what about the stressors that are out of the ordinary? Any hospitalization is stressful. Preparing for the hospital to the extent possible can [...]

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