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Survival in advanced GIST has improved over time and correlates with increased access to post-imatinib tyrosine inhibitors: results from Life Raft Group Registry

Authored by LRG Data Analyst Jerry Call*

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LRG Science endeavors to be a respected source of timely, science-based information built on real world data designed for those whose focus is to increase patient survival from Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) and other cancers.

In this issue of LRG Science, the relationship between overall survival (OS) and access to treatments after imatinib failure is explored. In 2019, the LRG published this research in Clinical Sarcoma Research and this issue included commentary from experts.

Commentary is welcome.

We are actively seeking article submissions for 2020. To inquire further or to submit commentary, please email Mary Garland: mgarland@liferaftgroup.org

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*Additional authors: Yu Wang, Denisse Montoya, and Norman J. Scherzer of the Life Raft Group, and Michael C. Heinrich, Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU

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