For our 2018 Holiday Campaign our theme is you. The Faces of Courage. We will be featuring some stories throughout the holiday season that show the many faces of courage.

We also want our members to share their stories on social media along with a link to our 2018 crowdfunding campaign. You can either share the main campaign page or even create your own fundraising page. (All of the info for that is below)


Jason DeLorenzo – SDH

Click the image below to watch Jason tell his story at Life Fest 2018 in Miami.

Laura Occhiuzzi, LRG Senior Vice President

Click the image below to watch Laura’s message of hope and courage.



Please donate today! You can also setup up crowdfunding fundraising page at the Donate link below.

If you do not have the ability to donate or just want to do more, crowdfunding can help to generate a lot more funding to go towards finding a cure. We have proven this with our GIST DO IT Walk in Miami.

1 member reached out to friends and family on social media using their LRG fundraising page and raised over $10,000!



Matt Mattioli
Author: Matt Mattioli