Be a H.E.R.O. for Cancer

Characters like Batman and Superman can be fun and inspiring in their fictional world, but the fight against cancer is very real.  On March 6th, 2017, the Life Raft Group officially launched its Help Expedite Research Outcomes (H.E.R.O.) Campaign because cancer research is in trouble. There isn’t enough data, tissue or dollars to save lives fast enough. Cancer research needs heroes who can help save lives. LRG’s goal is to increase donations in data, tissue and funding of $5 million dollars towards collaborative research projects. You can be the hero of your own story, for someone you love or pay it forward to someone in need of your help.  Become a #Hero4cancer and earn your superpowers by donating:Become a Patient-Powered H.E.R.O.


Tissue is vital for cancer research. Unless in a major institution, all tissue is destroyed after a certain period of time. Initiatives like the GIST Collaborative Tissue Bank work with researchers to expand the amount and reach of tissue and drastically accelerate scientific exploration. By donating to a tissue bank, patients are preserving that vital data and ensuring it can be used to help them and others in the future. Visit to learn more about LRG’s tissue bank and donating tissue.


Patient-powered science is crucial to understanding cancer management and expediting research. The ability to compile and share clinical histories, especially those tied to tissue samples, provides valuable data for your medical team, as well as to researchers evaluating drug efficacy and epidemiological factors. Having the data stored in one central location, like the LRG’s GIST Patient Registry and our patient portal GIST/PRIME, can help you better manage your own or your loved one’s GIST care. Go to to join LRG’s Patient Registry.


Cancer research is expensive, and research funds are limited, especially for rare diseases. Supporting promising new research efforts at major academic institutions such as our recent collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center, analyzing research data, testing tissue, performing next generation genomic sequencing, identifying new treatments and supporting patient education are all costly.  To save lives, we need to invest in promising new targeted therapies and leverage all the clinical know-how we have today until these new treatments are available. There are all kinds of heroes. All donations over $50 will be acknowledged with a certificate of HEROship and listed in our Hall of Heroes online. Donate online:

Everyday Hero$50 and become an
Everyday Hero

Classic Hero$100 and become a
Classic Hero

Super Hero $250 and become a
Super Hero

Mythical Hero $500 and become a
Mythical Hero

Legendary Hero $1000 and become a
Legendary Hero

Epic Hero $5000 and become an
Epic Hero

To learn more about our H.E.R.O. campaign and download educational infographics to share with others, please visit:

Diana Nieves
Author: Diana Nieves