Henzo Kenya

Henzo Kenya

Henzo Kenya,  the CML and GIST support organization in Kenya, Africa held a conference at the Nairobi Hospital in the New Lecture Theatre Hall on Psychological Support and Wellness for cancer patients on October 24th.

Attended by approximately 110 patients as well as five caregivers and three volunteers, the conference was a great success.

According to Ferdinand Mwangura, Chairman of Henzo Kenya, “Cancer diagnosis in Kenya is very rampant, so many patients usually have no defense mechanism to fight such a stigma.” Clinical Psychologist Mr. George Mwongera of Kenyatta National Hospital provided valuable information to aid patients and caregivers in finding strategies to deal with the psychological and emotional issues that arise for cancer patients.

The feedback from the meeting was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees requesting that there be another meeting on the topic, and that their family and friends be invited as well.

The conference was the first of a two-part series on this important topic. The speaker will return on a later date to delve deeper into the subject matter.

According to Mwangura, “As Chairman of Henzo, I really get motivated when I am able to impact the life of a cancer patient positively, even if it is one patient. When I have 100+ impacted, for me it is an experience worth living for.”

Henzo Kenya

Mary Garland
Author: Mary Garland