As the summer winds down, we are pleased to share with you our special Celebration Issue!
We have a great deal to celebrate in 2015. What better image to illustrate a celebration than fireworks exploding in the night sky!
  • The Life Raft group has been a formal non-profit for 13 years. Those 13 years have been filled with discoveries, collaborations and most importantly, community support.
  • Our second GIST Awareness Day and #ShowUsYourRare campaigns were a huge success, raising awareness internationally and inviting everyone to celebrate their unique qualities.
  • We celebrate 15 years of lifesaving treatments for GIST, ushered in by the development of Gleevec.

celebration-coverWe invite you to celebrate with us.

Here’s to all the milestones to come, as the LRG continues to explore new ways to support the GIST community, and to eventually find a cure!
As always, if you have any questions or comments, email or call Erin Kristoff, LRG Communications Director, at or 973.837.9092.


Warm Regards!
The Life Raft Group