Live from Washington

By Mildred Menos

Hi Guys,

Some of you may know me from hosting GDOLs (GIST Days of Learning in your city, that welcome phone call you received when you became a Life Raft Group member, my posts on the LRG email community or my articles in the newsletter – you saved them all didn’t you?

More formally, my name is Mildred Menos and I’m the Assistant Program Director for the Life Raft Group. Go ahead and call me Milly though- I’m sure we’re going to be fast friends 🙂 In my role at the LRG I work on our educational and outreach initiatives. When fortune (misfortune?) struck and three big patient-community events fell exactly back-to-back with each other,  the LRG saved on travel costs, sprang into action and charged me with covering all three in one DC super-trip!

For the next two weeks help me remember which hotel I check into next and follow me on my adventures as I set up shop in our nation’s capital and take on the One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC) Lobby Day, the NIH GIST Wildtype Clinic and the Drug Information Association’s Annual Meeting. I’ll have plenty of help from friends along the way and will hopefully inspire you to get involved in some advocacy work of your own.

Looking for a place to start? July 13 is GIST Awareness Day worldwide. #ShowUsYourRare!

Keep on rafting,