The Life Raft Group is pleased to announce the release of the third issue of The GIST Cancer Journal, the official journal of the Life Raft Group and the first academic journal devoted solely to GIST. The journal is intended to serve as a comprehensive and authoritative resource of scientifically valid information for physicians and allied health care professionals regarding advances in the diagnosis and treatment of GIST. Editorial content focuses on the impact of translational research in oncology and gastroenterology relating specifically to GIST. As the official medical journal of the Life Raft Group, it also provides a forum for GIST patient advocacy. It is published quarterly.

GIST Cancer Journal - Autumn 2014In this issue, articles highlight the fact that GIST has now considered to be a potential model for how innovative treatments can improve outcomes.

As Dr. Jonathan Trent, Editor of the GIST Cancer Journal states:

“A remarkably expanding spectrum of treatments is emerging as possible combinations, perhaps in tandem with imatinib that could not only alter our perceptions of the biology of GIST but lead to more durable outcomes. From heat shock protein inhibitors to epigenetic regulators to a MEK inhibitor, there is a virtual revolution in treatment underway. Granted, it will be a number of years before any of these agents work their way into our armentarium but it is important to keep pace with these new directions.”

Of special interest is an article on the collaborative efforts of the LRG and the NIH, as the Virtual Tumor Board goes global.

Please see the journal’s website – to learn more about the journal and to read articles from the current issue. Print copies and article reprints can also be ordered via the website by contacting either or

Mary Garland
Author: Mary Garland